Harald Kloser English Actor
Other Skills

Harald is a music composer for movies, scriptwriter, and a producer too. He was born in Central Europe in the year 1956. He worked as a music teacher in a place called Hohenems after his graduation.

 He has been working as a music producer since 1984. In a band called the "Oceanliner" group, Kloser was the lead singer and the keyboardist. Sternberg-Shooting Star was the first movie for which he scored the music.

In an interview given by him after the grand success of the highest grossing movie 2012, he stated that he had a keen interest in producing disaster movies. The reason behind this was that it showed a lot of ordinary people in many extraordinary situations, and also all the disaster movies had the craziest storylines. In the movie 2012, Harald was the producer and also scored the music for this motion picture.

 At this stage, Harald came under the category of the leading composers in Hollywood and worked almost everytime with the two big names of Hollywood Roland Emmerich and Robert Dornhelm. One of Kloser's most famous soundtracks was the music to Emmerich‘s movie 'The Day After Tomorrow' which had released in the year 2004. The duo Emmerich and Harald announced the release of the famous movie 10,000 BC in 2008. He has also won the BMI Film Music award for that picture and also for Alien vs. Predator.

He worked on movies like The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, 10,000 BC with his friend Thomas Wanker whose name was changed to Thomas Wander by Harald Kloser because he knew what its meaning was literally in British English. He married the most beautiful and talented actress Désirée Nosbusch and they have two children Luka-Teresa & Lennon-Noah together