Multi-talented actor, writer, Comedian, journalist and presenter Mr.Stephen Fry was born on 24th August 1957 in London. He completed his education from Queen’s College Cambridge. Fry is married to Elliott Spencer a comedian (male).

He loves going on dates and lunches with his husband, Elliot. They both had a simple marriage at the Registrar office. He has two siblings; one is elder brother Roger and other is Joanna the younger sister. You will be surprised to know that Fry did not have any sexual activity for long 16 years, he was also in a relationship with a man Daniel Cohen because he is gay and not ashamed to accept it before the world.

He was once arrested and imprisoned by the police for stealing a credit card when he was only a teen. He is diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and was taking treatment; this shocking news has shaken the whole English entertainment industry, his cancer was treated through an operation. He has Bipolar disorder disease which he revealed through his play.

Stephen is honored with Doctorate title by Dundee University. Fry started his career with the television series The Cellar Tapes. A Bit of Fry reached heights of success. He is someone who has been working into different areas. His acting career began with the movie The Good Father. Fry was appreciated hugely for his acting in the film Wilde and had been also nominated in the Best Actor category in Golden Globe Awards.

Mr. Fry also hosted BAFTA Awards. Stephen has acted in films, appeared in dramas, done number advertisements, he earned 25000 Euros and learned that commercials pay a lot of money, made documentaries, hosted shows on tv and radio, wrote plays, recorded audiobooks.

He has also given his voice in various video games. He has created a web of his talent with hard work. He has made audiences believe in his skills and potential and earned fame. Mr.Fry shared his memories from his old times and told that he also once had stage fright and left one of his play a role in the Cell Mates.

He also writes novels and The Liar was his first published novel in the year 1991 and wrote more three books in his life. He also started writing his blog from 2007. He is a person who has followed his passion, and is always ready to learn new things. Living life in his way is the mantra of Stephen Fry and he is completely following it.