Danny Cohen English Actor

Daniel Nicholas Cohen, fondly known as Danny Cohen was born on 15th January 1974 in London, England. He is a television executive and director who has worked for channels like BBC and Channel 4. Cohen is also the former director of BBC Television. Danny Cohen spend most of his life in the United Kingdom. He started his primary education at a Jewish School in London. He later joined the City of London School which was also located in London. After his high school, Cohen joined the University Of Oxford and graduated with a degree in BA Honours in English Literature. Cohen began his career with Channel 4 in 2000. He worked as the Head of Documentaries at Channel 4 and E4. During his seven-year stint at Channel 4, Cohen contributed shows like Skins and Supernanny. Supernanny claimed much of the popularity. During this period, he came up with a documentary named Cutting Edge, which was also appreciated by the public. Cohen moved to BBC Three in the summer of 2007. He joined as the Controller of BBC Three. Cohen’s arrival proved vital for BBC as it raised its shares by 50-60%. Cohen is described as the wonder boy of British Television. During his tenure, BBC won the Digital Channel of the Year at International TV Festival. His work on BBC also won nominations at many awards. The series Blood, Sweat, and T-shirts was nominated at the BAFTA Awards. He produced work for Lip Service, Being Human The show ended in the year 2013 and still has the >> Read More... Being Human and a follow-up series for Blood, Sweat and T-shirts. He also acquired rights for the Australian show Summer Heights High. Cohen, with his creativity, revamped the television industry. Cohen soon became the talk of the town. Many predicted that Cohen would go on to be the director of BBC one day. In 2013, Cohen surprised none by taking over as the director of BBC One from Roger Mosey. Under his guidance BBC became Europe’s largest production group. Apart from the BBC Networks, Cohen came up with channels like BBC Films and Drama, which was solely for the purpose of entertainment. Keeping in mind the efforts, BBC became the most successful channel in the UK. During his time, BBC recorded the largest audience share ever. Danny Cohen led the resurgence of entertainment and drama on BBC. In 2015, Cohen resigned from his post in search of another challenge. Cohen is regarded as one of TV’s greatest talents. Mark Linsey took over after Cohen’s departure. Cohen is presently unemployed and lives with his wife, Noreena Hertz. Cohen has already written his name in the history books but at 42 there is still a lot left in him.