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English Actor Sridhar Maruvada
  • Gender : Male
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Sridhar Maruvada is an Indian-origin actor prominent in the Hollywood industry. He received an improvisation training at Upright Citizens Brigade in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... and Los Angeles. His further education was a degree in BS Actuarial Math and MBA. He received both of these accomplishments from Boston University. His acting career began at an early age and has since appeared in children's plays, ethnic cultural events, and school plays. He sought more prospects in New York in theatre, cinema, and comedy. Before his journey to the West, he acted in a movie called Huck & Holden written by Rajiv Joseph. Rajiv Joseph was a Pulitzer nominee. In this movie, Sridhar enacted as the main character Navin Srivastava. He adopted the name Sid Veda while he was in Los Angeles, which was appealing to directors.

Furthermore, one of his prestigious acclaims was the SAG membership. He earned it after booking a national ad directed by David Fincher David Fincher was born on 28th August 1962 and is >> Read More... . He demonstrated his talents in English television shows, including "Manifest," "Mr. Robot," " Doubt Click to look into! >> Read More... ," "Outsourced," " Metro Park Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... ," and others. He showed his presence in short and feature films such as "96 Souls," "Expecting Amish," and "M.O.G. Redux," among others. His abilities as an actor were seen in advertisements for MetroPCS and Verizon. Apart from acting, he was known for narrating the film "Naked in Ashes." He has praiseworthy skills in Motion capturing, drumming, tennis coaching, basketball, and blackjack card-counting. Moreover, he has unique double-jointed thumbs.


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