Cricket (0 - 12)


For The Cricket Lovers!!!

Cricket is a game that is played between two teams, Each team has eleven players. One side bowls first and the other does the batting. They make a score that the opponents then is expected to defeat in order to win. At a time, there are two batsmen on the ground, when bats while the other waits for him to, and then both take the runs. If the runs are even, the same batsman plays again and if at all they are odd, they other one comes on strike. They keep grabbing runs until one of them is out and the next one enters for striking.

Behind the batsman is the wicket keeper from the opponents. Cricketers now have been drawn into a category of celebrities and they do a lot of advertisement to gain fame. Even they have fan following and as and when each of them plays well, their demand for advertisements also increases. Cricket has become one of the most favourite games of all time since each ball gets along a new twist. In the end, by runs or by wickets, one team always defeats the other. Each team has a captain, the captain who holds the cup on behalf of the team.