Dharma Prabhu Movie Review

  • By: nettv4u.com
  • Review for the film: "Dharma Prabhu"
  • Runtime: 2 Hours 27 Minutes
  • Certificate: U
  • Released: 28-06-2019
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
2.75 / 5.0

Dharma Prabhu is a fantasy comedy entertainer scripted and directed by Muthukumaran. The film is produced by Sri Vaari Films of P Ranganathan. Yogi Babu plays the lead role in the film. Radha Ravi, Actress Rekha, Sam Jones, Janani Iyer, Meghna Naidu, “Karunakaran,” Naan KadavulRajendran,” “Ganeshkar,” Ramesh Thilak, Bose Venkat, Azhagam Perumal, “Manobala” and “Bosskey” are in the cast. Justin Prabhakaran composed the music. Mahesh Muthuswamy cranked the camera and San Lokesh edited the film.


After the retirement of Yama, his son comes to the throne. The new Yama and Chitragupta come down to the earth. When Yama attempts to save a kid from death, a criminal politician is saved. On seeing this, Lord Shiva gets angry. But, he gives some time to Yama, to rectify the errors. But, what did Yama do? Did he kill the politician? What is the plan by Chitragupta? Watch the film in theaters!

Star Performance

Yogi Babu and Ramesh Thilak travel throughout the film. They have excellent chemistry as that of “Senthil” and “Goundamani.” All the scenes have well-known artists employed in various roles; but none have strong roles, except Ramesh Thilak.


The plot is good. But, it should have been well developed to attract audiences. Yogi Babu is the perfect choice for Yama. Initially, the comedy dialogues are good. However, the director should have made a crispy screenplay to have an exciting watch. But, we could witness a lot of scenes targeting the latest political happenings. Although some audiences enjoy them, it seems to have overdosed. The CG works are not up to the mark. The BGM and the cinematography are okayish.

What’s There?

  • Performance of Yogi Babu and his body language
  • The Script is good and it is executed well

What’s Not There?

  • The screenplay should have been well developed
  • The senior artists are not used well
  • CG Works are unimpressive


Dharma Prabhu is a good entertainer for some set of audiences. But for some audiences, it seems like getting deviated from the actual theme and lost its way. To enjoy Yogi Babu’s comedy performance, we could watch it once! Don't expect much; you will not be disappointed!

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