Natpe Thunai is a sports drama scripted by Sreekanth Vasrp and Devesh Jeyachandran and directed by Parthiban Desingu. Avni Movies of Sundar C and Khushbu Sundar

Natpe Thunai Movie Review

Natpe Thunai Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Natpe Thunai"
Runtime: 2 Hours 32 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 04-04-2019
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0



Natpe Thunai Click to look into! >> Read More... Natpe Thunai is a sports drama scripted by Sreekanth Vasrp and Devesh Jeyachandran Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Devesh Jeyachandran and directed by Parthiban Desingu Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Parthiban Desingu . Avni Movies of Sundar C and bankrolled the film. The music composition is by Hiphop Tamizha Adhi Hiphop Tamizha is an Indian Hiphop duo based in Ch >> Read More... Hiphop Tamizha Adhi . Aravinnd Singh Aravinnd Singh, the Demonte Colony cinematographer >> Read More... Aravinnd Singh cranked the camera and Fenny Oliver Fenny Olivier is an Indian Film Editor. He mainly >> Read More... Fenny Oliver edited the film. Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, “Anagha,” “ Kausalya Kausalya or better known as Nandini is a popular m >> Read More... Kausalya ,” Karu Pazhaniappan Karu Palaniappan is a Tamil film director hailing >> Read More... Karu Pazhaniappan , “ Pandiarajan Pandiarajan is a comedian and has done many movies >> Read More... Pandiarajan ,” Harish Uthaman Harish Uthaman has worked in Tamil, Malayalam and >> Read More... Harish Uthaman , RJ “ Vigneshkanth Vigneshkanth is an Indian Anchor and Radio Jockey. >> Read More... Vigneshkanth ,” Eruma Saani Vijay ErumaSaani Vijay is an Indian-Actor. He is born on >> Read More... Eruma Saani Vijay , VinothKumar, Ajay Ghosh Ajay Gosh is an Indian actor who works in the Telu >> Read More... Ajay Ghosh , Chutti Aravind Chutti Aravind is an Indian Mimicry artist and sin >> Read More... Chutti Aravind , Guhan Prakash Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Guhan Prakash , Put Chutney Raj Mohan, Pazhaya Joke Thangadurai, Ashwin Jerome Ashwin Jerome is a veteran actor who kick started >> Read More... Ashwin Jerome and Temple Monkeys Sha Ra are in the star cast.


Prabhakaran, whose aim is to settle in France, falls for Deepa, a hockey player. He meets Shanmugam, her hockey coach. Prabha finds out that a huge web had been spun around the sports and how he helps Shanmugam and his people to tear the web and come up is the rest of the story. 

Star Performance

This is the perfect Entertainer from Hiphop Tamizha Adhi. He had given a wonderful Performance and had invested his performance to become a Mass Hero in the future! There are a lot of emotional Scenes and Goosebumps moments. Adhi receives appreciation not only for his performance but for providing an opportunity to the upcoming stars with strong roles. Harish Uthaman’s performance receives appreciation. His body language and dialogue delivery are awesome. Karu Pazhaniappan plays the villain and he is perfect in his performance. His political dialogues impress the audiences. His dialogues are casual and kudos to the dialogue writer! The rest of the stars performed their roles well.


Parthiban Desingu doesn’t seem to be a debutant. He had moved the story well with interesting twists. Natpe Thunai is a good entertainer with interesting twists that capture the attention of the audience. The team knows the pulse of the audience and had chosen the script that gives importance to friendship, sports and fun. Beautiful casting, neat direction and exemplary performances of the stars make the film interesting. The film means to say that the talents are suppressed and only the biggies decide which sports should reach a good level of the audience. Although they had brought friendship as one among their themes, it didn’t get anchored well. The romantic scenes are not much impressive. But, the scenes where Adhi and his gang make fun, make the audiences enjoy to a great extent. Adhi should have concentrated a bit extra in the emotional scenes. There are some logical loopholes too. The Songs are superb and the BGM gels well. Like the usual sports genre films, Natpe Thunai has some interesting match-winning moments. The production values are good and the technical values too. The length should have been trimmed a bit.

What’s There?

  • Neat script and narration
  • Performances of the stars are superb
  • Songs and the BGM are perfect

What’s Not There?

  • The length of the film should have been trimmed
  • Logical loopholes


The film is about the survival of the fittest in sports and how politics involved in the sports and hurdles the goals of the youngsters. How Prabhakaran and his team strive hard to come up in the sports is the main theme of Natpe Thunai. If we set aside the logical loopholes, then Natpe Thunai is definitely a good entertainer that could be watched with the family.