Other names of Rajendran: Rajendran, Mottai Rajendran, Stunt Double, Motta Rajendran, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Mottai Rajendran

It's no secret that most celebrities use stunt doubles when filming particularly challenging scenes, but it's not something we always remember when caught up in the energy of an action-packed movie. In Indian film industry, particularly in Kollywood and Bollywood, stunt actors are indeed a must. 

Here we bring out a story on Rajendran, who has bonded with many actors as stunt doubles in many films. Having a career graph in over 500 south Indian films as a stunt double in M-town (Malayalam films), he shifted towards Kollywood for getting better opportunities where he could transform him to a seasoned artist. The man with flawless body has come a long way.

He has a major break in Vijay 59, where the stunt artist has developed his six-pack muscles for playing the role of Vijay’s driver. Rajendran was adapted to doing stunt scenes since his early career. Therefore, he had tiny thoughts like ”extreme danger” in his mind.  For getting used to stunt doubles, one actor must be good at getting hurt, so he got used to such offer in M-town.

He was assigned a significant role in Naan Kadavul Click to look into! >> Read More... Naan Kadavul ( 2009), where he performed the role of a cruel character who tortured beggars mercilessly, and this role earned him good acclaim from audiences. Thus from a stunt film actor for many years, he started playing his lead roles one after another and even bagged a villain-type of comedy role in ‘Boss Engira Bhaskaran’ (2010).

Today, he looks almost exactly like Dara Singh Dara Singh was born on November 19, 1928 in Dharmu >> Read More... Dara Singh ( Hindi actor), who also made way to acting after being recognized as stunt-cum-actor. Known for his rough voice and rough appearance ( villain type), the actor has stated that he used to raise his voice so loud in stunt roles that it was always four times louder than even dubbing. Thus, his rough voice has become an identity in Kollywood. For his rough exterior, even women had tried to keep a distance from him, that was the effect of his portrayal in ‘Naan Kadavul'.

There has been development in his career now. Post- Naan Kadavul, he has acted in 2 Malayalam movies in M-town and eight Tamil films, one Kannada, which includes ‘Milaga’, ‘Thambi Arjuna’, ‘Thambi Kottai’ and ‘Bana Kathadi’. He has a dozen projects with him that is in pipeline. It is said that even his father Arunachalam and his brothers are stunt masters.