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Idea Star Singer Season 1 Malayalam tv-shows on Asianet TV
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Star Singer An Indian music reality show broadcasted on Asianet and formerly sponsored by Idea Cellular. The show, which chose competitors who are aged between 15–35 years selected the winner based on their talents in singing and entertaining audience. SMS are sent by the viewers to vote for their favourite contestant, and a small portion of this votes goes for judging the eligibility of a candidate to reach the next round. The show also boasts of a judges' panel who are eminent personalities in the world of Malayalam music who are responsible for the evaluation of the performance of the contestants in every round of the competition.

The show started its journey in 2006 following the Indian Idol format. The chief judge on the set was music director M. Jayachandran. Supported by veteran music maestros like Chithra, Tippu, Radhakrishnan, Deepak Dev, ChitraIyer, Jassie Gift, Sugeetha Menon and several other legends from the music industry. The hosts were singers Vidhu Prathap, Biju Narayanan, Tomy and Joy John Antony.Out of the 7,000 odd enthusiasts participating from the different states of the country, the winner of the season was Arun Raj in the boy’s category and Kavita Jayaram in the girls’ category. The champions received Rs. 1 lakh as prize money, a deal for playback work in Jayachandran's future film ventures, a contract with Satyam Audios and contracts for performing at gigs abroad.

Prathap Nair Bio coming soon... >> Read More... was the producer of the 2006 season. Asianet has not clarified the method how the SMS votes are assigned ( before and after) on each participant falling into the 'danger zone' concluding in their elimination. The question arises on the point that the SMS votes received are not considered to determine the ranking of the participants. The number count of SMS votes acquired by of the participants is kept hidden from the audience. The channel broadcasts over 60 countries which include the Indian sub-continent, China, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Singapore, United States, Europe and a part of the former Soviet Union in various time zones. Due to which the SMS voting time limit was not announced in the beginning.

Asianet later explained after the eighth round that SMS voting timings are IST timing. According to Asianet, for the Final, the weightage of SMS voting was just 5% of total score with judges' evaluation contributing the rest 95%. The show has 'elimination' stage after each round of performance. The contestants are not allowed to carry on further from the next round through this 'elimination' stage. They are shortlisted based on the scores and the voting results. In the beginning, the audience were not disclosed the elimination venue and date beforehand. However, the channel insisted its viewers to vote even after the elimination round was over. This practice left a mark on the credibility of the channel, and the show disapproved for its malpractices.

After its eighth round, the project managers behind the program rectified this mistake as a step to prevent its downfall by disclosing its elimination round. The program continued receive backlash through the online forum of the show itself. Later, Asianet had to shut down the forum fearing negative feedback. Each elimination round starts with the staging of a few participants as have entered into the danger zone. A candidate enters the danger zone if the channel confirms that the candidate has not received either enough scores or votes. The elimination round is always an emotional phase where many times the judges and contestants end up teary-eyed. The judges use this emotional situation to mould the viewers to vote. There are opinions from various parts saying that winners didn't, in fact, agree to get the prizes because of the enormous tax levied on them for receiving the villa. Therefore the channel's advertisement of winning a villa via their sponsor is doubted.

The show seems to have lost some popularity when one of the participants was eliminated although he was absent at the stage in the eighth stage of eliminations. The logic behind this competitor's intentional absence remained unclarified to the viewers and explained as 'personal reasons' and 'not so serious matter' regarding him, the show & Asianet. They have validated their statement that they eliminated him for breaching one of the rules. There is a gossip that the contestant got removed from the show after he refused to sign the exclusive rights agreement with Asianet not to lend his voice in movies, perform at stage shows or other channel's shows for a period of 18 months.


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