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Vanithalokam Malayalam Tv shows on Kairali tv
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Vanithalokam is a TV show in Malayalam language. Vanithalokam is aired on the leading Malayalam entertainment television Kairali TV. It is a women centric lifestyle TV show which focuses on the beauty, fitness and overall empowerment of women and improving their lifestyle. The show Vanithalokam is being directed by director K.R.Dass and its runtime is approximately 30 minutes (excluding commercials). Vanithalokam is aired on Kairali TV every Friday from 4:00 pm in the afternoon onwards.

Vanithalokam showcases the achievements and narrates the success stories and celebrates the success of women who despite of facing difficulties had gone out of their own way to achieve success and established own identity for themselves in various sectors be it- Academics, sports, media, fashion and beauty industries, etc. Vanithalokam also has a section where various shopping options are discussed, various types of saree’s availability is informed to the viewers, beauty tips are given by the hosts, various types of affordable and posche haircuts, skin care and other beauty treatment options which are available around are also discussed. Career counselling, women health and other motivational women related topics are also shown and discussed. In the show, the bridal shopping list, the finest bridal shops around are also discussed on the show. The show is quite popular among the women audiences.



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DOB: 30 July 1957
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