Jaya Bharathi

Other names of Jaya Bharathi: Lakshmi Bharathi
Jaya Bharathi Malayalam Actress
Jaya Bharathi is a legendary actress who has contributed immensely to the South Indian entertainment industry. She has acted in many films and serials in most of the South Indian languages. Jaya Bharathi started her career as a dancer and then moved to the world of movies. She debuted in a Tamil movie Anubavi Raja Anubavi at the age of 16. Her first Malayalam movie was Thokkukal Kadha Parayunu against the super star . Jayabharathi was quite active in movies and serial till early 2000, after which she started concentrating on her dance career. She has been performing at various temples and cultural societies. Jaya Bharathi is also running a chain of dance schools in Tamil Nadu.
Jaya Bharathi was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu as Lekshmi Bharathi. Her parents were Sivasankar Nair and Sarada. She was initially married to Mr. Potha whom she divorced after a few years. Later she was married to her co-star Sathar for a few years. The relationship ended in a divorce and the couple has a son named Krish. Krish has also made his entry into movies recently.
Jaya Bharathi has acted in many serials including Peythozhiyathe, directed by KK Rajeev. This talented actress has received national and state award multiple times for stellar performances.