Thamirabarani is a Tamil action film released in 2007. It is written and directed by Hari. It was produced by B. Bharathi Reddy under the banner of Vijaya Produ

Thamirabarani Movie Review

Thamirabarani Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Thamirabarani"
Runtime: 2 Hours 34 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 14-01-2007
Genre: Romance, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Thamirabarani is a Tamil action film released in 2007. It is written and directed by Hari. It was produced by B. Bharathi Reddy under the banner of Vijaya Production. It was subsequently dubbed into Telugu and released as Bharani.

Plot- Sarvana has a business rivalry with Subbiah and his daughter Sakunthaladevi. Bhanu, the daughter of Sakunthaladevi, falls in love with Barani, nephew of Sarvana. She follows him to in island where police raids and arrests her in the name of prostitution. Later, after Barani's influence, the police releases her.

Subbiah thinks this as a conspiracy of Sarvana to bring him down and asks his son, Velludarai to kill him. However, Sarvana escapes them alive and goes to Barani's house. Bharani now looks for revenge and by mistake chops off the hand Velludarai's brother. He feels guilty about his act. Later, Barani comes tp know that Bhanu is Sarvana's daughter, and Sakunthaladevi is his wife. Shocked by this new revelation, Barani goes to meet Bhanu and finds out that she wants to marry him to unite her family. The story takes a twist when Velludarai attacks back on Sarvana. To know what happens next, go and watch the movie.

Analysis: Thamirabarani is an action packed with lots of masalas added to it. The brutal action sequences, conspiracies, love, all these elements are perfectly brewed. Hari has maintained his name with this movie. However, the movie does have some minor flaws, and it fails to explain some crucial points. Also, the reason behind the separation of the couple, which forms the crux of the story is unknown.

Star performances: Vishal is in the main lead of the movie, and it revolves around him most of the time. He has held to most of the aspects. Muktha is mere a glamor doll in the movie and doesn't get much screen. Subbiah and Prabhu are fabulous as the seniors and have portrayed their rivalry with supreme perpetuity. Nassar terrifies the audience with his negative character and has carried it off well. Priyan has captured actions sequences very well as a cinematographer. The only area in which the movie lacks miles behind is music.

What's there? The movie has great action, and Hari has put all the pearls in one string. It has masala and entertainment. What else does the audience need to be occupied? It also oozes the audience with the brilliant performances from Vishal and Muktha. Nassar's performance is evergreen as always and you will love him.

What's not there? Tamil movies are famous for their music but you will feel disappointed with the music, in Thamirabarani. It goes a bit long and you can predict the climax much before it actually happens.You will also be dissatisfied with certain crucial shots.

Verdict- The movie is masala-packed and is worth a watch.