Chaams Tamil Actor
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Chaams is a Tamil actor who regularly appears in a supporting role in many movies. He is an actor who began his career by doing small roles but later bagged meaningful roles and had received mass appreciation for his performances.  Right from the beginning he started a new style of comedy that people loved and then he followed it with every film. He used his natural tone and local Tamilian style to deliver dialogues with perfect timing and incredible sense of humor. 

He is now marked as one of the best comedy actors of Kollywood. He has appeared in some Tamil films in 2015, and most of the films have been received well by audiences. His expression only can one make laugh and he has excelled in films like ‘’, ‘ Maanga Click to look into! >> Read More... Maanga ’ and ‘49-O’ respectively.

With veteran Tamil movie comedians getting older and aged, now it is time for new generation comedy actors to accept good roles. He is amazing with his dialogue delivery and expression. Earlier, he was acting with comedians like Vadivelu and Gowndamani and supported in their comedy roles. His role in a movie like ‘Payanam’, where he acts as a passenger with actor Prithivari on a flight that has been hijacked exhibits his dialogue skills.

In the year 2009,  a film named ‘ Palaivana Solai’ was released which was a remake version of the same film released in 1981 where a love story of five friends woven around one simple girl received critics appreciation. In the 2009 flick, Chaams had played the lead role as one of the five friends. This position gave him maximum satisfaction till date.  This proved that if comedians are given better roles, they can excel in that too.  Similarly in the year 2011, another film ‘Onbadhule Guru’ was released, where he played the role of disgruntled married man who wants to go back to his bachelor days along with his other friends. The film needed all leading actors to do comedy as per the script and actor Chaams appeared as Guru, which was marvelous. 

With many films like’ Bhooloham’ & ‘Kopperundevi’  are in the pipeline for release, this comedy actor will ample chances to refresh the viewers again with comedy antics. The actor was born on January 2, 1975, in Coimbatore. The film industry has witnessed many great comedy actors through its time, if, given depth roles in comedy scenes, this artist is bound to become one day a veteran comedian.