Puli is a commercial entertainer with a fantasy world as a backdrop Lets be very clear on this The word fantasy is a bit over used in the film and the story h

Puli Movie Review

Puli Movie Review Tamil
Movie story for the film "Puli"
Runtime: 2 Hours 34 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 01-10-2015
2.9 / 5.0

Puli is a commercial entertainer with a fantasy world as a backdrop. Lets be very clear on this. The word fantasy is a bit over used in the film and the story has been heavily compromised. There are these talking birds, kingdom of Lilliputs, giant tortoise, soldiers who can fly and a queen who can climb walls. But all this doesn't make any sense when the story is weak and the screenplay is not engaging.

There is this cruel kingdom called Vedaladesam and bad queen. Vijay as Maru Dheeran is from one of the villages and his lady love gets kidnapped by the Vedhaladesam soldiers to sacrifice her for some Pooja, which makes the queen the most powerful person on earth. Maru Dheeran goes on a journey to find his wife and save her. Meanwhile, he gets to know about his past and what happens next is the climax.

I have to appreciate Chimbu Devan to make a kid’s friendly fantasy film, but then why bring in commercial elements? Especially the songs didn't make any sense to me. 1st half takes its own time to unravel and we can clearly see where the story is headed. It was that easy to predict. 2nd half is a collection of random fights and punch dialogues. It is a fantasy film trailer made for a huge star like Vijay. A solid story was not there and the screenplay really dragged. Though 1st half was slow and took its own time to set a stage, the 2nd half that really tested the patience and after a point, you would want the film to get over as soon as possible.

Am happy to see Vijay accepting this experimental script and for making an effort to break his routine commercial masala stuff. He held the movie together with his screen presence and he has given his best performance. Shruti Haasan and Hansika added that necessary glamour quotient in the 1st half and 2 half respectively. Sri Devi as a bad queen was absolutely stunning. She looked very natural and carried of this role quite brilliantly. Sudeep had a good introduction, but later on he was thoroughly under utilized for his capabilities. Thambi Ramaiah tried to crack some uninspiring jokes and Nandita in a small role was pretty good.

Music was loud and repetitive. Cinematography was good and editing could have been more tighter to make the 2nd half more gripping. VFX portions was pretty decent and I didn't find any glitches there. Overall, Puli is a one time watch to see Vijay in a different role. And it is also Chimbu Devan's weakest script. Though he had the vision to make a fantasy film, the execution derailed because of a weak storyline and few logical issues.