Top 10 Serious Characters Played By Vijay

Top 10 Serious Characters Played By Vijay Tamil Article

Vijay, fondly called Thalapathy by his fans, is one of the leading actors in India. His name has always been a sensation among the Tamil people. Thalapathy Vijay’s fans range from small kids to older people. Most of his movies are family entertainers. Vijay has impressed the audience with his happy-go-lucky characters. His comic dialogues and body language are his trademark traits. But here are the top 10 instances where he broke his usual norms and aced serious roles.

1. Kannukkul Nilavu – Gautham Prabakar

Vijay’s 25th film, Kannukkul Nilavu, was one of the milestones in his acting career. This psychological thriller, released in 2000, was critically well-received. In this movie, Vijay played the role of Gautham Prabakar. Gautham Prabakar was a psychologically affected and traumatised young man in searching for a woman. This role was a new attempt by Vijay and is very different from his previous movies. Vijay’s performance as Gautham Prabakar was appreciated by many.


2. Priyamaanavalae – Vijay

Priyamaanavalae is a romantic drama starring Vijay and Simran in lead roles. Vijay, in this movie, performed the unique role of a young NRI who has no respect for traditional rituals and institutions, especially marriage. Because of his father’s demands, he agrees to marry Priya (Simran) as a contract for one year. Though Priya eventually falls in love, Vijay does not. Vijay has delivered a strong performance. In some instances, the audience feels pathetic towards Priya and hates Vijay for his attitude. This is the success of the character.

3. Priyamudan – Vasanth

In Priyamudan, Vijay played the role of Vasanth. In this movie, he can be considered an anti-hero rather than a hero. Vasanth is the son of a wealthy businessman. Vasanth is a possessive person. He lives with the idea of “If I can’t get it, nobody can.” With the same mindset, he falls in love with a girl named Priya (Kausalya). To marry her, Vasanth impersonates as his friend Vasanth Kumar Vasanth Kumar is a renowned actor in the Canadian >> Read More... Vasanth Kumar . He also kills Priya’s father and accidentally kills his friend Vasanth Kumar, as they are against his love. Vijay played a villainous role in this movie.


4. Sukran – Sukran

In Sukran, directed by Vijay’s father S.A. Chandrasekar, Vijay played an extended cameo role of a criminal lawyer named Sukran. Sukran is a talented, but drunkard lawyer and, this movie is a rare instance where Vijay played a cameo. Ravikrishna is the lead of the movie, a college boy, who is falsely accused of a murder. Sukran, being a talented lawyer tries to bring him out. Vijay played the title character of the movie as lawyer Sukran.


5. Thuppakki - Jagadish

Thuppaki was the highest-grossing movie of 2012. It is one of his best movies to date. Vijay played the role of Jagadish, an army personnel, with ease. The movie showcased both the fun and serious acting styles of Vijay. As a serious army officer, Jagadish investigates and dismantles the network of terrorist and sleeper cells. The film has many exciting investigation and action scenes that make the audience to get to the edge of their seats.


6. Mersal – Vetri

Mersal is the only movie in which Vijay played three different roles - Vetri, Maran, and Vetrimaran. Though he nailed all three roles, the role of Vetri is unique. Maran is a fun-loving and good-hearted doctor, whereas Vetri is a revengeful magician. The tricks and the gruesome murder he commits on stage make him appear as a villain until the truth is revealed. Vijay rocked the role of a stylish and brutal magician.


7. Sarkar – Sundar Ramaswamy

 Vijay aced the role of a “corporate criminal” in his 2018 blockbuster Sarkar. Deviating from his usual roles, Vijay acted as a highly successful and ruthless businessman. The movie has a serious political plot. Vijay played the role of a cool and confident businessman, and in the later part of the movie, he transforms into an emotional and righteous citizen who contests in an election.


8. Master – John Durairaj (JD)

From the name to looks, everything about JD is peculiar. John Durairaj, aka JD is a moody and student friendly professor. As his nickname suggests, he's often drunk and seen with JD (Jack Daniel's) bottles. His life takes a turn when he assumes the role of a teacher in juvenile prison. JD is one of the benchmark characters of Vijay.


9. Kaththi – Jeevaanandham

Vijay played two contrasting roles in A.R.Murugadoss's Kaththi. Kathiresan and Jeevaanandham are two completely different characters. Kathiresan aka Kaththi, is a talented and fun-loving thief. He's a regular heroic character who can fight with anyone. But Jeevaanandham is a social worker who sacrificed his life for his village. Jeevaanandham is one of the unconventional roles of Vijay. A good- hearted, selfless young man. Not heroic, but a hero by heart.

10. Rayyappan – Bigil

Rayappan was a different attempt by Vijay where he acted as a gangster. Vijay acted in two different roles, as a son (Bigil) and father (Rayappan) in the movie. Rayappan's look is one of the favourites of Vijay's fans. Vijay's acting as a father is one of the most memorable. Rayappan's love for his son and his brave actions made him one of the most memorable characters played by Vijay.