Jasper is a professional actor and acts mostly in South Indian movies. He was born on 6th of February in the year 1972. He does not act in the lead roles. Japer has been active in the South Indian Film Industry since 2003 and has given many good movies. Jasper mainly acts as an antagonist. Jasper does not have the so called hero figure. He does not have biceps or chest or packs to show off. Jasper is on the heavier side. He weighs around 170 kg. The film directors have very cleverly used his high weight to give him catchy roles in the movies.

Mostly as a henchman, he has acted in a classic way in all his films. Jasper’s original name is Vijay Jasper. He did not aspire to be an actor from his childhood. Jasper was an engineer in Computer Science and wanted to do service. But Jasper decided to go into cinema when his luck in jobs failed to satisfy him. Jasper made his debut in South Indian Cinema in the year 2003. His debut film was Diwan. Jasper acted opposite the famous South actor Sarath Kumar.

Sarath Kumar was so inspired and astonished by his acting that he made it a point to give Jasper roles in his future films. Nobody had thought that a man weighing roughly 170 kg could actually move about swiftly as Jasper does and that’s what made him famous. Jasper did the unexpected. He proved that weight does not matter. If someone wants do to something by heart, he can do it irrespective of any kind of barriers, be it mental or physical. Jasper is hugely loved by the people of the South. Sarath Kumar gave him roles in his films in the year 2004. Jasper acted in Gambeeram and Chathrapathy in the year 2004 alongside Sarath Kumar.

Throughout his career he has been portraying the role of an antagonist in each and every film that Jasper has acted in. In the year 2011, Jasper received a special award for his performance as a gang leader in the 2011 film Nayanam. His acting was even praised by the critics. In the film Chennai Express, which was released in the year 2013, he played a role of a henchman alongside legendary actor Sathyaraj. Chennai Express starred India’s most popular actor Shah Rukh Khan in the male lead and Deepika Padukone in the female lead roles respectively. Jasper even played a small part in the 2015 film Puli which was a major blockbuster in the South.

R. S. Manohar Tamil Actor

R. S. Manohar

R. S. Manohar was an Indian artist who played roles varying from hero to anti-hero to comedic fellows. Born at Namakkal in 1925. He performed in over 200 movies. He is known for his adaptability and controlling character. Also recognized as Nadaga Kavalar for his affection of stage the at resending his undeterred desire in continuing to stage mythical plays almost his whole life. Manohar born by the name of Lakshmi Narasimhan on 29 June 1925 at Namakkal as to father Subramania Iyer and mother, Rajalakshmi Ammal. He got the forename Manohar after playing the principal role in the play Manohara during school days. He did his graduation from Pachaiyappa's College, Chennai. According to movie historian Randor Guy, he got an advance in pictures with Rajambal (1951) when, as anex-student, he engaged himself in the Mailing Department. Producer R. M. Krishnaswamy reserved him for the central role in this flick. As his forename was not filmi, R. S. Manohar altered his name. While in university, Manohar used to do the at replays. After graduation, he entered in movies. His initial exertion was Rajamabal, produced by Aruna Films. His initial unforgettable roles were in pictures such as Vannakkili, Vallavan Oruvan, and Iru Vallavargal. But Manohar will forever be recalled for the evil roles, particularly while tackling off with M. G. Ramachandran in movies such as Ayirathil Oruvan, Adimai Penn, Kaavalkaaran, and Idayakkani. After Nawab Rajamanikkam, it was Manohar who took theatre to a superior level. Most of the 31 dramas in which he performed were played 7,950 times these were versions or clarifications of ancient incidents or fabled stories. Well-known among Manohar's dramas were Indrajith, Sukrachariyar, Naragasooran, Ilangeswaran, ChanakkiyaSabadam, Soorapadman, Sisupalan, and Thirunavukkarasar. He was an innovator in presenting 'drama scope' with a sound scheme, split-second makeover of acts and pyro techniques to characterize battle scenes. He obtained many prizes for his influence on drama and cinema, containing a 'Nadaka Kavalar' honor from MGR in 1970. Manohar performed in some theatres. Some of the famed ones are Ilangeswaran, Naragasooran, ChanakkiyaSabadam, Soorapadman, Sisupalan, Indrajith, Sukrachariyar, and Thirunavukkarasar. He was also participating in the production of an English drama, Last Tango in Heaven. Later created as a Flick God Only Knows. At the age of 80, R.S. Manohar passed away. Family informers said he was hospitalized for cardiac difficulties on December 22 and was bedridden since then. Manohar operated in over 200 films and his wife, Sita Lakshmi Manohar is still alive. Another Version of this Bio... Ramasamy Subramania Manohar or Scissor Manohar was a well-known artist who was famous for his theatrical presence. He was also a versatile actor who performed all the roles, be it hero, villain and comical equally great. But he is still remembered for his acting as a villain. This legendary artist was born at Namakkal, Tamil Nadu on 29 June, 1925. His love for acting started when he was in college. He used to perform in plays namely: Ilangeswaran, Chanakiya Sabadam, Soorapadman, Indrajith and many more. After graduating from Pachaiyappa’s college he tried his luck in films. He did over 200 films, some of them are:- Vannakili ,Pattanathil Bhootham, Kaidhi Kannayiram, Vallavanukku Vallavan, Vallavan Oruvan, Iru Vallavargal, Pallandu Vazhga, Adimaippenn, Kaavalkaaran, Idayakkani, Athisaya Penn. He held a crucial role for many changes in stage drama. ‘Dramascope’ was also introduced by him to show the battleground scenes more eye-catching. Historical phenomena and mythological stories were the base for most of the plays done by him. He enacted in 31 plays that were showcased on stage for about 7950 times. He also came up with an idea of stereophonic sound system to make the experience of theatrical drama much bigger and better. His ideas took the whole theatre business to another level. For his immense contribution towards theatre and films made him winner of many awards. One of them was ‘NADAKA KAVALAR’ from MGR IN 1970. This award denoted his passion towards theatre and love for acting. Initially, Manohar was not a part of his name but after doing a role in a play called ‘Manohara’ while he was in school, he got this name. He got married to



Sugunthan is a well known supporting actor in the Tamil film industry who is primarily famous for playing the villain’s role. He is popularly known by the names of the villainous characters he portrayed on the screen such as Kaali and Mullu. He was born in Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India. Sugunthan began his career in Kollywood with the film Aaranya Kaandam playing the role of Mullu. The film had a worldwide release on 30th October 2010 at the Soth Asian International Film Festival where it was awarded the Grand Jury Award for the Best Film. The film received two National Film Awards in the following categories- Best Editing and Best First Film of a Director. This film is proclaimed as the first ever neo-noir film made in the Tamil film industry. It was produced by Captain Film Works, the music was scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja, and cinematography was done by P.S. Vinod and was edited by Praveen K. L. and N.B. Srikanth. Aaranya Kaandam is a gangster film which is written and directed by Thiagarajan Kumararaja. The story revolves around a day in the lives of six protagonists. The film received high critical acclaim but was not well received at the box-office. However, it received worldwide recognition over the years and is regarded as an artistic film of Tamil cinema. Sugunthan’s supporting role as a younger Vedhalam in the film Puli was well received. Puli (In English: Tiger) is a Tamil mythical film written and directed by Chimbu Deven. The film released on 1st October 2015 receiving mixed reviews and success at the overseas box-office but failed to win the hearts of the Indian audience. This film was well received by the critics and was appreciated for being a visual treat. Another pivotal role of Sugunthan’s acting career was that of Kaali in the film Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham(In English: For the wise man, even a grass straw is a weapon). It was an action comedy film in Tamil was directed by the comedian Srinath. The movie was released by Studio Green on 9th May 2014. It was a remake of a stellar success film Maryada Ramanna which was directed by S.S. Rajamouli and based on Buster Keaton’s Our Hospitality in 1923. His other films include Endhiran (2010) where he played the role of a Police Inspector, Marudhavelu(2011) portraying Andrews, Udhayan(2011), Manam Kothi Paravai(2012), Theri(2016), Bairavaa(2017) and Vikram Vedha(2017). Suganthan continues to play the villainous roles he is so famous for and has a few future projects lined up.

Sugunthan Tamil Actor