Films of Everest genre are appreciated for the hurdles that the heroes face we don rsquo t want flicks which doesn rsquo t possess any adventure forgive the o

Everest Movie Review

Everest Movie Review Tamil
Movie story for the film "Everest"
Runtime: 2 Hours 01 Minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 18-09-2015
3.5 / 5.0

Films of Everest genre are appreciated for the hurdles that the heroes face; we don’t want flicks which doesn’t possess any adventure, forgive the outdated nature of the adventure.

Plot: Jake Gyllenhaal An actor that rooted from a family that cinema is >> Read More... and Jason Clarke Jason Clarke is an Australian actor and producer. >> Read More... are veteran climbers and they have a mission; they lead their teams to climb the Everest. Based on a mission of 1996 which didn’t succeed owing to a bad storm, Baltasur Kormakur brings before your eyes a flick filled with suspense. The film is also well made to an extent. The film has its share of heart-rending and splendid moments. However, the real life story, in the attempt of being made into a cinema, struggles sometimes. Everest gives you an idea of what mountaineering is all about in today’s life. The dauntless spirit of endurance is overtaken by the business-minded attitude. The flick seems to be content with capturing the journeys of Western mountaineers. The women in the flick have the predictable role of wailing in the phone to their near ones.

Everest is the name that steals the show. It’s tall, wind-beaten, snow-clad splendor talks volumes. The cinematography of Salvator Totino gives you a sense of belonging to the film’s ambience. The camera gets you involved in the film. The movie may seem to be a bit dragging, but given the task of expressing the pathos, the director wisely handled this. The narration falters here and there, but this is compensated by the grandeur that the film creates. Everest is a visual treat all the way. On the flip side, the film is a bit confusing; what is the nature of the characters? Are they foolish? Have they done something heroic? The director is quite not sure as how to treat the characters. Clarke has given a stupendous performance. Brolin comes up with a splendid performance by enacting the role of a stoic person, with utmost finesse. Keira Knightely has done well in her small yet significant role. The battle between man and nature is indeed a peculiar and enigmatic one and what can one say about it?

Verdict: Kudos to the director for taking this story.