Fanney Khan is a musical comedy film scripted and directed by Atul Manjrekar The film is produced by T Series Anil Kapoor and Rakesh Omprakash Mehta Pictures

Fanney Khan Movie Review

Fanney Khan Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Fanney Khan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 09 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 03-08-2018
Genre: Drama, Music
3 / 5.0



Fanney Khan Click to look into! >> Read More... is a musical comedy film, scripted and directed by Atul Manjrekar. The film is produced by T Series, Anil Kapoor Anil Kapoor was born on 24th December 1956 in Mumb >> Read More... and Rakesh Omprakash Mehta Pictures. The film is the remake of the Belgian movie Everybody’s Famous. Anil Kapoor plays the lead role along with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a popular Indian actress >> Read More... , Rajkummar Rao Raj Kumar Yadav, also known as Rajkummar Rao, star >> Read More... , Divya Dutta Divya Dutta was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India >> Read More... , Karan Singh Chhabra Karan Chhabra alias Karan Singh Chhabra is a famou >> Read More... , Pihu Chand, Satish Kaushik An active actor, filmmaker & producer as well. >> Read More... , Barbie Rajput Barbie Rajput is an Indian Singer, Film, and Telev >> Read More... , Girish Kulkarni Girish Pandurang Kulkarni is very widely recognize >> Read More... and Swati Semwal Swati Semwal is an Indian actress and, director wh >> Read More... . The script is by Hussain Dalal Hussain Dalal is known as one of the most cherishe >> Read More... and the screenplay is by Atul Manjrekar, Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal. The music scoring is by Amit Trivedi Amit Rivedi is a phenomenal musician of the Bollyw >> Read More... and the additional song is by Tanishk Bagchi Tanishk Bagchi is an Indian music composer and sin >> Read More... . “ Tirru Tirru is a famous Indian Cinematographer, who has >> Read More... ” cranked the camera and Monisha R Baldawa is the editor.


Prashant Kumar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... is a part-time singer in an orchestra. His childhood dream is to become a singer. But, he couldn’t become a singer, as his family situation didn’t give him space to do as he wishes. He develops the dream and projects it on his daughter Lata. As Lata is overweight, she had been made fun at the musical events. He even sacrifices his job to make his daughter, a singer. With the help of his friend Adhir, Prashant decides to kidnap the popular singer Baby Singh. He threatens to kill Baby Singh if his daughter’s musical show is not held. What happens next? Do watch it in theaters!

Star Performance

Anil Kapoor has done his best and we could see the emotions of a passionate father to make his daughter a singer. Aishwarya Rai and Rajkummar don’t have much scope, yet they have done their part well. Pihu Chand emotes well as the overweight teenager. Divya Dutta does her role well.


The director has come with a good script for Anil Kapoor. Unlike some heroes, who still play the youth even in their 60s, Anil Kapoor should be appreciated for his selection. He has been doing the roles that suit his age and it is really laudable. The entire story is carried out by Anil Kapoor and the director has shaped his part, well. The director should have concentrated in the second half. Based on the music, the film fails in that aspect. Except for a couple of songs, the music didn’t impress much.

What’s There?

  • Performance of the stars is excellent
  • The script is impressive
  • The chemistry between Aish and Rajkummar is good

What’s Not There?

  • Second half loses its grip
  • No strong background for Aishwarya and Rajkummar’s parts


If you are an Anil Kapoor fan, you will love it. If you are an Aishwarya fan, you will get irked, as her part is minimal. However, the film is watchable once!