Girish Kulkarni

Other names of Girish Kulkarni: Girish Pandurang Kulkarni

Girish Pandurang Kulkarni is very widely recognized for his National Award. He won a National Award which made him very widely famous. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni is an Indian film actor and also interested and a very talented writer, and also a producer. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni is currently known for his Marathi films such as the hit movie Valu which was also tagged as "The Wild Bull" and also the movie famously called as Vihir which was also tagged as "The Well" and also the super hit movie called "Deool-The Temple" and also Gabhricha Paus- The Damned Rain.

Girish Pandurang Kulkarni also released a movie in Hindi called ugly just recently. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni was born in Maharashtra, India. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni was brought up in the Paranda Taluka in Maharashtra of Osmanabad District, and Girish Pandurang Kulkarni was also later brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni pursued his Diploma in probably the most common field today which is the field called Mechanical Engineering from the College PLGPL, Latur. While studying Mechanical Engineering at the college PLGPL Latur, he got involved in local stage plays which made him feel like pursuing this as his career rather than engineering.

After his graduation from Mechanical Engineering, Girish Pandurang Kulkarni worked for a few private Mechanical engineering companies in India for a while. But very soon enough, Girish Pandurang Kulkarni decided to follow his passion other than being forced to do something he really didn't enjoy as much as his passion and so he decided to quit his job and then go ahead and start writing and become a writer for the profession. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni soon achieved a lot of fame everywhere for his writing ability and skills.

He also worked as a radio artist on Radio Mirchi for which he was very well complimented. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni gained a lot of fan following during his show times in that period of working at the radio station. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni always liked writing about something that he experienced or observed. He wanted to write something real and make sure the readers actually feel what he felt while writing it and also live the life of the characters as they go on. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni is not done discovering paths yet.

The national award winner wants to now try his shot at the directing front and wants to direct movies. His upcoming movie is a supposed to be comedy where he will debut as a director.

Tulsi Chakraborty Hindi Actor

Tulsi Chakraborty

Tulsi Chakraborty was born on March 3, 1899. He was born in a small village Goari in West Bengal, presently in Howrah district. He was a Comedian and an Indian Actor, who worked in Bengali movies in the 1940s and 50s. He is best known for his lead role in Satyajit Ray's movie Parash Pathar. Tulsi was born to Ashutosh Chakraborty, who was an apprentice in the Indian railways. This job was a transmittable work, and his parents had to move around to various places in Bengal and Bangladesh (West Bengal and Bangladesh were a single state then). Thus, Tulsi remained in Kolkata with Prasad Chakraborty, his Paternal Uncle. Prasad was a very talented Harmonium and Tabla player. He was an employee of the legendary Bengali Theater and Production Company called Start Theatre. Due to his uncle's contacts, Tulsi got to see the performance of the finest actors from the Commercial Theater world. These events sparked his dream to become an Actor/Singer. He couldn't attend school but was a genius dancer, Tabla and Pakhawaj player, and singer. He learned dancing from Guru Debkanta Bagchi. Quite soon he got a job in a circus due to his skills. After a year, he joined a press as a compositor. Aparesh Chandra Mukhopadhyay, an actor/director, was quite impressed by Tulsi's dedication and will power. He decided to train him t become an artist. Tulsi's first appearance on screen was via the film Punarjanmo in 1932. A few of his early roles include movies like Deep Jwele Jai, Manmoyee Girls School, and Dakshayajna. Manmoyi Girls School was his first commercial success. He got associated with Mythological roles back then. He got known for his realistic and versatile acting. He never asked for any extra arrangements or make-up. He mostly wore a white dhoti along with some sacred thread on his shoulder. He slowly took to comedy. He became a famous comic actor in Bengali cinema. Impressed by Tulsi's comedy, Satyajit Ray offered Tulsi the role of Apu's Teacher Prasanna Gurumoshai, in Pathar Panchali in 1955. Tulsi was a village pandit in the movie. Satyajit went off the record by saying that had Tulsi been born in the USA, he would have won an Oscar for his acting skills. Satyajit offered him a role in his movie Paras Pathar (The Philosopher's Stone) in 1957. This movie was the real breakthrough of his career. He played the role of a protagonist called Paresh Dutta, a small bank clerk, who incidentally finds a magical stone. His brilliant performance in the movie is why he is known even today. Marie Seton, a film critic, described the movie as a combination of fantasy, comedy, farce, and satire. It showcased Tulsi's abilities to the maximum. Tulsi also worked with the famous Uttam Kumar in approximately 38 movies. These movies include Saptapadi, Khokababur Pratyabartan, Bipasha and more. Quite a few of these movies were memorable. His other memorable performances include Paresh Kabi, Shyamali, and Sharey Chuattor. He was a gem of the Bengali cinema. However, Tulsi was an introvert and shy person. He never asked for too much money from the producers. Despite acting in more than 300 theaters and movies, he hardly earned Rs 15 a day. Due to his poverty, he used to walk from the Tollygunge studio up to his home in Shibpur. Tulsi spent the last phase of his life in utmost poverty. His last movie was Ami Ratan in 1978. It was directed by Ajit Sen and got released in 1961, after his death. Tulsi passed away on 11 December 1961. His widow wife suffered a lot after his death due to poverty. Mr. Mithun Chakraborty, another renowned personality of the Industry, sent his wife Rs 500 every month until her death.


John Kokken

John Kokken is an Indian Actor who works in the Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi Film Industry. The audiences recognize him not for his righteous and protagonist roles, but for his antagonist and negative roles. According to John, he enjoys playing these negative roles as they give him immense potential for experimentation. John Kokken is married to the Indian model and film actress Meera Vasudev. Despite the cast difference between the Roman Catholic and Tamil Iyengar, they have found for themself a peaceful and a happy life. Meera was formerly married to Vishal Agarwal and after their separation she tied the knot with John Kokken in May 2011. In the year 2009, he worked in two successful flicks. ‘Love in Singapore’ (2009) was a Malayalam film which was directed by Rafi Mecartin, the role of the lead protagonist is played by Mammootty. The movie primarily revolves around his character and on how he starts from the scratch and paves his way up to become prosperous. John Kokken plays the role of Rahul. John was seen in another film called ‘I G Inspector General’. The movie was also a Malayalam thriller which was directed by B. Unnikrishnan. The lead roles in the flick were played by Nandini and Suresh Gopi. In May 2010, John was seen in another Malayalam film ‘Alexander the Great’. This movie was written by C. Baluand directed by Murali Nagavalli. The stars Mohanlal, Bala, and Aswathy play the lead roles. In the movie ‘Osthe’, he plays the part of the second antagonist. His role was not in the original Hindi version of the film but is an important character in the remake. The Director of the flick S. Dharani, changed the script to introduce the new character keeping John in mind. John is indebted for the opportunity to work with Dharani as he is known to dig out the best villains of the industry like Ashish Vidyarthi. ‘Osthe’ translated to “Pinnacle” in English is a Tamil action film released in 2011. The director, S. Dharani, casted Silambarsan as the lead in the film. Sonu Sood played his role as also seen in the original and became the lead antagonist of the movie. Mallika Sherawat does an item number in the film similar to that of Malaika Arora Khan's Munni Badnaam. In 2016, John Kokken has been working on his negative role in ‘Chuttalabbayi’. The initial choice for the role was Upen Patel; but John Kokken replaced him just at the last minute. John played a similar role in ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’. He has also acted in ‘Janatha Garage’ and is an extremely renowned actor in the glamour industry.

John Kokken Hindi Actor