Girish Kulkarni

Other names of Girish Kulkarni: Girish Pandurang Kulkarni
Girish Kulkarni Hindi Actor
  • DOB : 25-11-1977
  • Age : 43
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Girish Pandurang Kulkarni is very widely recognized for his National Award. He won a National Award which made him very widely famous. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni is an Indian film actor and also interested and a very talented writer, and also a producer. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni is currently known for his Marathi films such as the hit movie Valu which was also tagged as "The Wild Bull" and also the movie famously called as Vihir which was also tagged as "The Well" and also the super hit movie called "Deool-The Temple" and also Gabhricha Paus- The Damned Rain.

Girish Pandurang Kulkarni also released a movie in Hindi called ugly just recently. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni was born in Maharashtra, India. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni was brought up in the Paranda Taluka in Maharashtra of Osmanabad District, and Girish Pandurang Kulkarni was also later brought up in Pune, Maharashtra. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni pursued his Diploma in probably the most common field today which is the field called Mechanical Engineering from the College PLGPL, Latur. While studying Mechanical Engineering at the college PLGPL Latur, he got involved in local stage plays which made him feel like pursuing this as his career rather than engineering.

After his graduation from Mechanical Engineering, Girish Pandurang Kulkarni worked for a few private Mechanical engineering companies in India for a while. But very soon enough, Girish Pandurang Kulkarni decided to follow his passion other than being forced to do something he really didn't enjoy as much as his passion and so he decided to quit his job and then go ahead and start writing and become a writer for the profession. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni soon achieved a lot of fame everywhere for his writing ability and skills.

He also worked as a radio artist on Radio Mirchi for which he was very well complimented. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni gained a lot of fan following during his show times in that period of working at the radio station. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni always liked writing about something that he experienced or observed. He wanted to write something real and make sure the readers actually feel what he felt while writing it and also live the life of the characters as they go on. Girish Pandurang Kulkarni is not done discovering paths yet.

The national award winner wants to now try his shot at the directing front and wants to direct movies. His upcoming movie is a supposed to be comedy where he will debut as a director.