Top RJs Of 92.7 BIg FM's Chennai Station

Top RJs Of 92.7 BIg FM's Chennai Station Tamil Article

In the current scenario, FM radio dimension, which has popped up in 1977 in Chennai, is still making waves. The commercial viability of radio is breath-taking taking into account the number of people it reaches. What you see is what you get…just walk in the road and you will see the petty shop owner listening to FM. On the other corner a business tycoon will also be engrossed on the radio. What makes the FM appealing? Well, it’s undoubtedly the RJs who predominantly have a good sense of humor and superb linguistic skills. Now let’s see the top 10 RJs of 92.7 Big FM.

RJ Balaji RJ Balaji is the famous name of Balaji Patturaj. H >> Read More... RJ Balaji


Well, the question that is first raised in the minds of those who don’t listen to FM often is what makes R J Balaji click with the listeners? And I would say that it’s his quench for satisfying the tastes of the audiences. He himself once admitted that he talks exactly what Chennai wants to hear. This soft-spoken RJ has amused the audiences with shows like Take It Easy Click to look into! >> Read More... Take It Easy Balaji and Cross Talk (where you can listen to prank call that is added with some silliness). If you have any mental stress you can easily come out of it listening to Talk Show or Cross Talk. Such is his entertainment quotient! The main concern with jockeying is to produce fine work in a frequent basis. And R J Balaji has in fact achieved this feat. The spontaneity of R J Balaji attracts him to the fans. His role in helping the Chennai flood victims is commendable.

Rj GiriGiri He works at a South Indian radio channel in the ca >> Read More... Rj GiriGiri


R J Giri Giri presents the show Tea Kada Bench that targets the youth of today. It is always a gala time with Giri who connects to the audiences with his witty style. This talented artist loves jockeying so much so that he confesses nobody can stop him for jockeying since he pays tax for it….such is the power of jockeying. He had hosted the Big Vanakkam show with ease. This humorous RJ also puts the celebrities at ease while interviewing them. And not to forget Kirukku Raja in which he is at his quirky best.

RJ Ophelia RJ Ophelia (an Indian Radio Jockey), whose full na >> Read More... RJ Ophelia


Known fondly as Imsai Arasi Click to look into! >> Read More... Imsai Arasi Ophelia is a frequent blogger too. Her distinct voice and native slang adds life to the shows. And should we tell about the humor and her quick way of delivery? In fact her style of speech is so witty that she gained the title Imsai Arasi in a short period of time. Her vibrant afternoon shows were so peculiar that it changed the notion that afternoon shows should be somewhat calm.

RJ Sarithiran RJ Sarithiran or Sarithiran Raa is an Indian Radio >> Read More... RJ Sarithiran


92.7 Big FM is fresh with content like Jalabula Jakkama and R J Sarithiran, who has been jockeying for a long period, adds flavor with his pranks and witty mannerisms. He also comes in this list for his spontaneous delivery.


RJ - Archana


She is sure a talented RJ and the way she hosts the top songs is something to reckon with. While hosting the songs she also interviews some celebrities and makes them comfortable.

 Vignesh Karthik


This efficient RJ is also a movie and television artist apart from jockeying. He also does his jockeying job well. He hosts the show Best of Big Madras Café.

RJ Ananthi Iyappan Radio Jockey; the profession itself come with a ta >> Read More... RJ Ananthi Iyappan

This cute RJ has the credit of doing two shows in 92.7 FM including Suprabatham and Lubdub. While Suprabatham focuses on spiritualism Lubdub focuses on what you heart does when it falls in love. She is very comfortable in hosting these two shows and has found a strong position for herself in jockeying. Her voice modulation is something amazing and she possesses vast experience in jockeying. Having coming to the field when she was studying itself this RJ has surely proved her mettle in her journey.

RJ Miruthula RJ Miruthula is an Indian Radio Jockey, who rose t >> Read More... RJ Miruthula

This popular RJ of 92.7 FM has a liking for love and music. Her shows Ulle Veliye Ulle Veliye was a Tamil TV serial that aired on Ja >> Read More... Ulle Veliye and Time Pass Time Pass is a Tamil language TV show that aired o >> Read More... Time Pass has made her closer to the audiences, thanks to her exuberant personality. In Sunday Timepass she goes to any favorite destination (for eg. Say Kabab Corner in Greames Road) and converses with the people there, in her own signature style. Ulle Veliye is a game which she performs with famous celebrities. Her charisma is enough to make the listeners hooked to the radio.

Ramya Subramanian Ramya Subramanian is a very popular TV host and ac >> Read More... Ramya Subramanian

R J Ramya hosts the Big 50 50 show in this reputed channel and she does that with ease.

RJ Dheena RJ Dheena is an Indian Radio Jockey, and actor. He >> Read More... RJ Dheena

Well we should include someone who is not jockeying in Big FM but still requires the credit. It’s none other than R J Dheena who holds a Guinness record for broadcasting for 168 hours at a stretch. His slang, delivery style, and modulation of voice is his forte and are a treat to the audience.