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RJ Ananthi Iyappan Tamil Actress

Radio Jockey; the profession itself come with a tagline that you should be capable enough to grab the attention of the audience to the longest duration you can, and try to tackle any situation. Being on one show and making it successful is a huge deal for anyone. But this lady took the opportunity to voice on two of the high time shows and to be frank, both of them are running smoothly and successfully. As some people choose the profession because of a particular reason, she too joined RJing to encourage different forms of entertainment. She is the mistress in voice modulation, RJ Ananthi Iyappan.

When you get involved in something interesting, you feel no happiness greater than that. RJ Ananthi Iyappan too feels the same as far as Radio Jockeying is concerned. She does two main shows every day on one of the most listening radio channels in Chennai 92.7 Big FM. She had a tremendous experience in this field.

The Entertainment industry needs creativity and skills to shine. RJ Ananthi Iyappan has the abilities required to withstand in this area. To get the talent to fit in this job, she took steps from the very beginning. In her bachelor's degree, she studied Design and Visual Communication from 2009 to 2012. She studied at PSG College of Arts and Sciences.

RJ Ananthi Iyappan came into the RJing industry while she was busy with her studies itself in 2011. She worked for Suryan FM 93.5 in Coimbatore from March 2011. In Suryan FM 93.5, she did the show Sema Ragalai Kalaignar Sirippoli or Sirippoli TV is a popular T >> Read More... . This program used to air in the evenings. Through this, RJ Ananthi Iyappan talked to people around the city. This show is one of the most listening ones among the different programs that used to air in the city from various stations. After working and gaining experience from the field of RJing in Coimbatore, she moved to Chennai, Tamilnadu. She joined in 92.7 Big FM in March 2013. She started doing the show Suprabatam from 5 to 7 am. In this, she deals with all the spiritual aspects of having a good day ahead. Regarding this program, she said in an interview that she is planning for gradual changes in the module and introduce some aspects that can promote the Indian Culture and the reasons behind the traditional aspects. Apart from Suprabatam, she also does another show, Lub Dub. This program is an interactive talk with the people, and the audience will dedicate the songs on different occasions. She said that it is only because of her voice modulation, she could manage two radio programs. She is also an anchor for Iniyavi Indru Show on Puduyugam from October 2013. She has more concerns towards Human Rights, Environment, Children and Animal Welfare.