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Top 10 Indie Tamil Movies To Watch Right Now

Top 10 Indie Tamil Movies To Watch Right Now Tamil Article

Mainstream commercial movies are all the rage now. But, let’s be honest, they’re tiring. The heavy music, dramatic plotlines, and all-too-happy endings leave you feeling exhausted and bored at one point. For all those yearning for a breath of fresh air, these are our top movie picks. These movies will leave you feeling refreshed, fulfilled, and amazed at the same time.

1. Aruvi (2016)

Aruvi (2016), directed by Arun Prabu Purushothaman, is his debut film. It is a political black comedy film following Aruvi, a bold young girl played by Aditi Balan. Aruvi, who is a rape survivor, and her friend Emily participate in a reality show to expose the men who had sexually abused her. When the director decides to increase his show’s TRP rating by villainizing Aruvi, things go awry. This movie is surprisingly heart-warming, all while sharing an important message with society. The ending had many in tears. This movie is a must-watch as it shows how circumstances can hurt a woman, but can never harden her soft heart.

2. Super Deluxe (2019)

Super Deluxe (2019) is truly a one-of-a-kind movie, which shattered many social norms and taboos that still exist today in Indian society. This movie has a star-studded cast, excellent story-telling, and eye-catching cinematography, thanks to the director Thiagarajan Kumararaja. The film follows a transgender woman, an unhappy couple, and a group of teenage boys as their lives intertwine one day and eventful circumstances unfold. This is a must-watch.

3. Jigarthanda (2014)

Jigarthanda (transl. ‘Cold Heart’) is an action comedy directed by Karthik Subbaraj. The movie follows Karthik Subramani, an aspiring filmmaker, as he secretly follows a ruthless gangster because he wants to make a gangster film. But, when he fails miserably and gets caught, the real drama begins. Bobby Simha’s notable performance has earned this film multiple rewards and accolades.

4. Kaaka Muttai (2014)

Kaaka Muttai (2014) is a heart-warming and wholesome movie directed by M. Manikandan. It is a story of two slum-dwelling boys who yearn to taste a slice of pizza. The struggles that they go through to eat it make for a truly engaging film. The light-hearted yet thoughtful flow of this film adds to its greatness. The funny moment when the boys finally get to eat the pizza and remark, “Our grandma’s dosa itself tasted better,” is the cherry on the top.

5. Pariyerum Perumal (2018)

Pariyerum Perumal (2018), directed by Mari Selvaraj in his directorial debut, highlights the caste-based discrimination and prejudice that plague Tamil society. It narrates the story of Pariyan, who belongs to an oppressed caste, as he faces the repercussions of befriending an upper-caste girl. The movie presents us with raw depictions of caste discrimination and violence faced by people belonging to a lower caste. It shows that this type of prejudice exists even today, when equality is enshrined as one of the fundamental rights by our Constitution. This film has been screened at various prestigious film festivals and won awards.

6. Kuttram Kadithal (2015)

Kuttram Kadithal (2015), directed by Bramma in his debut, shows the repercussions of a seemingly ordinary action. When newlywed teacher Merlin slaps a 5th-grade student, leading to his hospitalization, she faces a crisis of faith. This movie takes a unique perspective on this incident, depicting every character with an empathetic view, rather than playing the blame game or painting someone as the villain. It is a scintillating movie that you must not miss.

7. Aaranya Kaandam (2010)

Aaranya Kaandam (2010), directed by Thiagarajan Kumararaja has a very interesting plot. Indeed, the movie presents two plots parallelly. The first plot involves a fight between an aging gangster and his rival gang involving a huge stash of cocaine. The second plot follows a poor farmer and his young son. When these two worlds collide, the story pans out to be a chaotic yet fun movie with a rather apt ending. The film ends with the quote, “The best thing about being a woman is that it’s a man’s world.” This unique and interesting movie marked the start of a new era of Tamil cinema.

8. Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018)

Merku Thodarchi Malai (2018) by Lenin Bharathi revolves around the lives of landless laborers, who reside in the foothills of the Western Ghats. This movie shows the hardships and conflicts of the poor due to the introduction of commercialization. It is a gut-wrenching socio-political documentary with an equally devastating ending. This bleak perspective gives us an insight into the harsh realities faced by the impoverished laborers. (Bonus: This is Ilaiyaraaja’s 1001st film!)

9. Taramani (2017)

Taramani (2017) is a complex love story directed by Ram, who has directed several other gems like Thanga Meengal, Savarakathi, etc. When a single mother and a suicidal vagabond fall in love, all odds seem to be against them. Will their love last? This movie portrays how men are quick to judge women and accuse them of scandalous behavior, only to realize their own mistakes much later. The current society forces women to appease their standards and criticizes them otherwise. But are those women in the wrong if all they want is to be happy? Watch this film to find out.

10. Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu (2017)

Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu (transl, A Scapegoat’s Petition for Mercy) is a slice of life movie directed by Suresh Sangiah, M. Manikandan’s protégé. When a group of villagers, along with a newlywed couple, travel to a neighboring village to offer a goat sacrifice, they meet with a fatal accident. Stuck with a dead body and no choice but to cover up the accident, the villagers are stranded. The rawness of the film and the organic comedy that acquaints it make this movie a fascinating watch.


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