Lenin Bharathi

Other names of Lenin Bharathi: Leninbharati

Lenin Bharathi is a talented Indian film director, screenwriter, and a diligent person who works in Tamil cinema. He made his actual directorial debut in the film Industry with Merku Thodarchi malai[3] (Western). The international audience critically acclaimed Merku Thodarchi Malai(Western Ghats). It participated in International film festivals and has bagged many awards for Screenplay, Photography, etc. He was Officially appointed in Indian Cinema Now category in 21st International Film Festival of Kerala.

For his works, he was awarded cinematography award at Bioscope Global Film Festival, Punjab. Also, he won KW Joseph award in All India debut film competition, 12th International Film Festival of Thrissur (IFFT 2017). What brings everyone’s attention was that his movie was nominated for Best Screenplay Category in 17th New York Indian Film Festival — officially Selected in Singapore South Asian International Film Festival. He continues to work efficiently for more successful films.