Kollywood Actresses Who Have Made It Big In Small Screen

Kollywood Actresses Who Have Made It Big In Small Screen Tamil Article

The silver screen is indeed a dream factory. Many actors and actresses come and go, but only a few stay in our hearts. With regard to actresses some have rocked at the silver screen and at the peak of their careers have quit, only to enter the celluloid. Here is a list of Tamil actresses who have ventured into small screen and have become famous.

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This bold and outspoken actress has indeed come a long way. After acting in several films in Tamil and Telugu, and few films in Hindi and Kannada, Radhika entered the small screen with a determination, in 1994. She started Radaan mediaworks and a couple of her initial ventures in the small screen, Chitti and Annamali made her even more acquainted with the Tamil audience. Then Selvi, Arasi and Chellame happened. Now, she is busy working on her title role in the serial Vani Rani. The main strength of Radhika is her spontaneous acting. Recently, Radhika celebrated 36 years of survival in media. A great feat indeed, for this veteran actress.

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Khushboo was a very successful actress in the silver screen. But once she entered small screen, she gave much importance to it and acted in mainstream cinema rarely. Now it is the charisma of Kushboo that energizes most of the TV channels. Whether it is talk show, serial or a game show, you have Kushboo’s charming presence. While performing in serials, Khushboo gets into the skin of the character and in game shows or talk shows, she is her spontaneous self.

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After tasting success in silver screen Devayani ventured into television. She managed to attract the audiences with her stellar performance in the serial Kolangal. Later, she acted in a couple of serials, but now she is not seen in small screen, though acting in silver screen now and then.

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Ramya Krishnan tasted great success down Andhra and her flick Padayappa elevated her status. She also tried her luck in serials (she had worked in Sun TV serials namely Thangam, Rajakumari, Kalasam and Vamsam) and came out quite successful.

There are also other Kollywood actresses who entered the small screen and tried their luck, but these four actresses only made it big.