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Top 10 Actresses Who Disappeared During Their Golden Ages

Author: Suryapratim Ray
Top 10 Actresses Who Disappeared During Their Golden Ages English Article

1. ‘Kanaka’

Kanaka was in the real spotlight after her big success in films like "Godfather", "Vietnam Colony" and all. But just like her big spotlight entrance she then disappeared soon from the front line of cinema. She is still remembered as the hit actress of Malayalam film industry.

2. ‘Karthika’

She was a real talent in many films. Her character roles in many films caught the eyes of many directors. She disappeared in her real golden times in Malayalam cinemas. Her many roles with ‘Mohanlal’ were noticed throughout the film industry.

3. Priya Raman

The beautiful and talented Priya Raman was in the spotlight in more than one language. But she disappeared soon after her glory times. She was in important roles throughout her career in Malayalam industry.

4. ‘Manya’

Her Kerala Films Critics Award for Best Actress during her active periods in films put Manya at the starring role in many films. She acted in many South Indian languages. So active after the 2000’s but could keep up with the pace.

5. ‘Suchitra Murali’

Suchitra was a real promise with her acting talents. Another actress who paired with superstar Mohanlal many times. But she disappeared from the big screen after some time causing a big loss for the Malayalam film industry.

6. ‘Maathu’

Maathu was so common in films during 1980’s and 1990’s. But she never came to light again after that time. She started as a child actress and won two Kerala Film Critics Award as well. But disappeared from the main light after some time.

7. Girija Shettar

Girija Shettar only acted in one released Malayalam film so far. But her acting in “Vandhanam” won the hearts of many Malayalam film fans. And everyone remembers as “Gadha”.

8. Unni Mary

Unni Mary was the mainstream actress in many South Indian films. She is still active in Malayalam films, acting in many side roles. But she never came into mainstream light as the main character.

9. ‘Saleema’

Saleema is remembered as one of the talented actresses of Malayalam industry because her performance in many films like “Aranyakam”, “Vandhanam” and “Nakhashathangal”. She acted in only a few films, but it included languages like Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada .

10. 'Lalithasree'

She is still active as a comec character in Malayalam industry and she is common on mini-screen as well. But she disappeared from the main light long ago.