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Telugu Movie Actress Girija Shettar
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Though Girija Shettar’s span in the film industry is only for two years she is still remembered for her performance in the 1989 Telugu flick Geetanjali, directed by Mani Ratnam Mani Ratnam is an Indian filmmaker deeply rooted t >> Read More... . This flick was a role of substance for Geetanjali and it was dubbed into several languages. Born on 20th July 1969, Girija Shettar imbibed Bharatanatyam skills since her age of 18. She hails from a British Indian origin. 

Girija debuted into the film industry with the 1989 flick Geethanjali . Eventually she did Vandanam, a Malayalam flick , in the same year. While she shared screen space with Nagarjuna in Geetanjalil, she worked with Mohanlal in Vandanam. 

Initially, the peppy role played by Ayesha Jhulka The early 90s proved to be heydays of the chirpy a >> Read More... in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, was to be done by Girija, but owing to earlier commitments, she quit the film half way. However, she worked in a Telugu flick Hrudayanjali. She was nominated for National Award for her good portrayal in Hrudayanjali. This flick analyzed the damages rape can cause. This film has the credit of four Nandi awards. This film had a very late release. Born in Orsett, Girija has a thesis on Indian spiritual psychology and Integral Yoga Philosophy to her credit. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is the place in which she spends time often. Girija adorned the Screen’s front page during 1989. Geetanjali has the credit of being screened at the British Film Institute as a reminiscence of Mani Ratnam’s endeavor. 

Girija once praised over superstar Rajinikanth for his politeness and said that the latter wanted to act with her even though she was a newbie then. Girija is one rare stars who, though received huge appreciation for her works, disappeared from the Indian silver screen. . She was even called by television groups to anchor several shows, but she didn’t accept and pursued her other passions. Girija is currently a writer for a shipping magazine in London.She is also a poet. In 2007, she worked on an UK flick Slide Away.


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