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Malayalam Movie Actress Swarna Thomas
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Swarna Thomas is a Malayalam, movie actress. Swarna Thomas was brought up in Raigad, Maharashtra. She is the daughter of Chellanam Kandakadavu Aripaattupaambil Sajan. Swarna dreamt of winning the Miss Universe title and becoming a great choreographer.

She is a born dancer as she learned to dance by merely looking at the TV dance shows. Her parents encouraged her and flamed her passion for music and dance. At the age of 10, she participated in the Maharashtra state dance competition. After that, she was seen in the Dance competition shows like 'Dance India Dance' and 'Chak Dhoom Dhoom' where she proved to be a tough competitor. She was chosen from the top 28 contestants.

Finally, at the age of 13 Swarna won the dance reality show called “ Super Dancer Junior 2 Amritha TV Super Dancer is a reality show to ident >> Read More... ” aired on Amritha TV. This victory changed her life forever. Swarna was asked to dance at various prestigious shows, and other dance reality shows as well which brought her under the radar of many directors and producers. After that, she marked the ladder of success with the film projects like 'Flat No.4B', 'Queue', 'Buddy', and 'Pranayakatha'.

She has also signed two Tamil movies.


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