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American classic actor John Dall Thompson was known to the screen as John Dall. He was born on 26 May 1920 in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... City, US. His father Charles Jenner Thompson was a civil engineer who contributed to the construction of the Panama Airport. His mother was Henry. At a very young age, they moved to Panama where his father was working.

As his father committed suicide, Henry along with John moved back to New York. His elder brother is Worthington Thompson. John went to Horace Mann School and soon he went to Columbia University to study engineering. Soon, he realized that acting is his profession and left Columbia University. He trained for acting at Theodora Irvine School of Theatre.

John Dall had a very brief period in the industry. He appeared in just eight movies between 1945 and 1961. Apart from the silver screen, he played many roles in TV serials and shows. In the eight films he acted, he had some flops too to his credit. In the Broadway, his first appearance is in Dear Ruth from the director Moss Hart in 1944. It was a big hit then, airing for around one and half year. His next appearance in Broadway is in Red Gloves. This movie was a big hit, though. But his most remembered role in The Heiress in 1949 was, unfortunately, a flop.

John Dall gave a blasting entry into the Hollywood Film Industry. For his role in his debut movie in Corn Is Green (1945), he received the Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He appeared in a 1948 film ‘Rope’, which was again an unexpected flop. Audience remembered his next role in Gun Crazy in 1950. But it couldn't win at least reasonable acclaims from the people and critics as well. He played the role of Roman commander Glabrus in ‘Spartacus’, a 1960 film. This movie was a decent hit then. John Dall appeared in some minor roles like Something in the Wind, ‘Atlantis’, the Lost Continent, The Man Who Cheated Himself.

He died of a heart attack on January 15, 1971. His marriage was a controversy. In his death certificate, it is mentioned "never married" but he got married in the 1940's in his house at California. He used to live with actress Clement Brace. They donated his corpse to a medical college, and some film historians and film critics even said that he was a gay.


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