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English Movie Actor Doug Hutchison
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Douglas Anthony Hutchison is an American actor. He was born on 26th May 1960 in Dover, Delaware in the United States. He studied at Apple Valley High School in Minnesota. He also attended a school located in Madison Heights in Michigan. Later, he went to the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.  He went to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... to study at School of Julliard.

Moving on his acting career, he endeavored in Equus, which was a Minneapolis-produced play. Peter Shaffer wrote it. It is based on a psychiatrist who tries to cure a young man who has a fascination with horses. It received various awards and nominations. It won the Tony Award for the Best Play in 1975. 

Hutchison’s other stage performances include Julius Caesar and Sing Me through an Open Window.  He featured as a guest on many TV shows like The X-Files, The Young Riders, Space: Above and Beyond, Lost, Millennium, 24, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and The Guiding Light. In the X-Files, he presented as Eugene Victor Tooms. In Space, he appeared as Elroy-El, while in Millennium he played the role of Omega. He had worked as a European terrorist named Davros in 24. He is a serial killer in Law & Order movie.

At the end of 1980, Hutchison entered the film industry. He acted as Sproles in Fresh Horses. David Anspaugh directed this drama. Larry Ketron wrote it. In 1988, Hutchison came up with The Chocolate War. He portrayed himself as Obie Jameson. Then, he did many other photoplays. He did the ingénue of Percy in The Green Mile. Then, in 1992, he came up with The Lawnmower Man. In 1996, he starred in A Time to Kill. In the next year, he had two other pictures like Con Air and Batman 7 Robin.  He did many supporting roles in 2000 and 2002. In 2000, he had Shaft and Bait. In 2002, he came with The Salton Sea and No Good Deed.

Hutchison’s career in acting diminished when he got an invitation for short movies. He took up  TV series. He acted in the show Host. In 2008, Dark Waters, his production company, started the series of Vampire Killers. It showed the story of four vampires of Los Angeles who are fighting against more than lakhs of vampires.

Coming to his personal life, Hutchison married to Courtney Sodden in 2011. This couple appeared in the TV series titled Couple Therapy. They had difficulties in their relationship. Later, they patched up. 


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