Bruce Lee English Actor
  • DOB : 27-11-1940
  • Date of death: 20-07-1973
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius

Bruce Lee, a true legend and a philosopher, was an actor and a martial artist. He was a multi-talented person filled with legendary skills. Apart from acting and filmmaking, he was also a dancer and a boxer too. He achieved a lot of fame because of his skills and is still remembered by all even after forty-three years of his death. He started his own martial art which was named as ‘Jeet Kune Do (JKD).’ He worked in a total of twenty movies and the rest were released after his death. He also appeared in around eight television series like ‘ The Green Hornet Click to look into! >> Read More... The Green Hornet ’ and ‘Batman’.

His glory was such that within a short period of time he became world famous as no one else could do what he did, and his martial art technique became legendary. Many people considered him as an inspiration and followed his idols. Some of them are “Liu Kang”, “Jackie Chan”, “ Tony Jaa Tony Jaa is the international name of Japanom Yeer >> Read More... Tony Jaa ”, and “Mark Dacascos”. He was not an inspiration for few but for the whole generation. His words were majestic and his quotes are motivational. Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, California. He was the fourth child of Lee Hoi Chuen and Grace Ho. When he was just three months old, his family took him to Hong Kong.

He first attended Tak Sun School and then joined La Sella College when he was 12 years old. He was later shifted to St. Francis Xavier's College because of his poor academic performance. At the age of 13 years, Bruce took lessons from Master Yip Man who was a teacher of Wing Chun style of gung fu (Kung fu). He was trained till the age of 18 and became proficient by that time. He then travelled back to San Francisco for further studies and soon moved to Seattle, Washington. There he worked with Ruby Chow in a restaurant and also completed his schooling at Edison Technical School.

He then joined the University of Washington for his graduation where he learned about philosophy. For his love and passion for gung fu, he taught few students and supported himself financially. His students later encouraged him and he opened a school for teaching gung fu named as Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute. In 1964, he married Linda Emery and moved to Oakland and had two children, Shannon Lee and Brandon Lee Brandon Lee is the son of the famous martial artis >> Read More... Brandon Lee . Brandon Lee was born in the year 1965 whereas his sister Shannon Lee was born in 1969. There with the help of James Yimm Lee, he opened his second school named as Jun Fan martial art studio.

As he was teaching non-Chinese students too in his school, people raised objections about it. He had a match with Wong Jack Man on the condition that if he lost, he would have to stop teaching non-Chinese students. Even though he won he couldn’t defeat the opponent in under three minutes. After this, he began to learn more about martial arts and enhanced his skills. Soon began the journey of Jeet Kune Do. By this time, he had stopped his acting career and was now busy with martial arts. He was confused whether to focus on acting and build a career in it or to continue his career in martial arts.

He combined both and began his journey in acting. Bruce Lee entered the film industry as a child artist. His first appearance was when he was just three months old in Golden Gate Girl. He then appeared in few films in the child’s role. His first appearance was then on a television show “The Green Hornet” in the role of Kato where he displaced his acting and fighting skills. It was aired in 1966 and lasted till 1967. He also appeared in Batman which was a TV series. He was then seen in TV series like “Ironside”, “Blondie”, “Longstreet”, and also in “The Pierre Berton Show”. His first film as an adult was “Marlowe” (1969) in the role of Winslow Wong.

Later he was seen in the movie “The Big Boss” which was released in 1971 and in “Fist of Fury” in 1972. Though he didn’t gain much recognition worldwide but he was famous all over Asia and opened his own production company, Concord Productions. He was then seen in “Way of the Dragon (Return of the Dragon)” including Chuck Norris Chuck Norris is an American actor who is an excell >> Read More... Chuck Norris and Nora Miao. He was himself the writer for the film. By this time, he was famous all over the world as his movies displayed his skills and he was also teaching people about his art through ‘Jeet Kune Do.’ He then started shooting for his next film, ’The Game Of Death’ but couldn’t complete it as he was offered the film ‘Enter The Dragon’ by Warner Brothers.

It was a joint venture of Golden Harvest and Warner Bros. It was his last film as he died on 20th July 1973 before the launch of the film which released on 26th July 1973. He died an unfortunate death at an early age of just 32 years. His death was named as ‘Death by misadventure.’ He was given a painkiller named as ‘Equagesic’ when he felt a headache. After that, he went to rest and didn’t wake up. He went into a coma and no one could bring him back to life. He died by the time he reached the hospital. After this incident the report was prepared to know the exact reason for his death.

The result came out that Lee had a hypersensitive reaction because of the painkiller ‘Equagesic’ and the size of his brain was reported with an increase of thirteen percent. ‘Cerebral Edema’ was considered as a reason for his death. Since he had become a famous personality by that time, many rumours came out that he was murdered but there was no proof found as such. It was a big loss for both the film industry and for the world. The film industry lost a multi-talented star which changed the industry and brought a new era where as the world lost a legendary martial artist.

In 1978, The Real Bruce Lee was released which was a documentary based on martial arts and consisted of Bruce Lee’s biography. Later in 2010 ‘Bruce Lee, My Brother’ was released which was based on martial arts and the life of Bruce Lee and narrated by his brother Robert Lee. Though Bruce Lee was not much awarded by the time he was alive but the film industry couldn’t find anyone for his replacement whereas the world couldn’t find any better martial artist than him.

He was given The Asian Award in 2013 and a seven feet long statue was built in Guangzhou, China and was showcased at Los Angeles. In 2014, HBHOF (Houston Boxing Hall Of Fame) voted him as the Greatest Movie Fighter Ever.