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Helena Bonham Carter CBE is one of the prominent actresses imported from Britain.  She’s one of the few actors and actresses to have BAFTA Award, Screen Actors Guild Award and prestigious Critics Choice award. Queen Elizabeth Click to look into! >> Read More... gave her title “Dame” along with other actors and actresses like Dame Julie Andrews, Dame Maggie Smith, Sir Elton John, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Michael Gambon for their outstanding contributions to their professions. From television, to stage and theatre, and to Hollywood. 

Dame Helena was raised by her very influential family. She was born on May 26, 1966 from Golders Green, London. Her great-grandmother is Baroness Violet Asquit. She is also the first-cousin of Jane Bonham Carter, Baroness of Yarnbury. Her father a high-ranked banker died after a mistake in the operation on removing tumor from his brain. Her mother also had depression or nervous breakdown. After her mother awaken from this, her mother became psychiatrist. All movie-scripts of Helena were first brought to her mother to analyze the character. Her mother will tell her how the character’s way of thinking. Her grandfather, Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith, also helped in taking part “Schindler’s List” to save Jews in the great “Holocaust.” She lived with Sir Kenneth Branagh One of the few that got their Knighthood at the ea >> Read More... from 1994 to 1999. They split up and she met Tim Burton Tim Burton was born on August 25th, 1958 at Burban >> Read More... after a year. Burton was Helena’s partner for thirteen years and then ended 2014.

She first made her debut from a novel “A pattern of Roses.” This was followed right away with “A Room with A View” in 1985, a romance movie “Lady Jane”, the drama film “Maurice”, and the romantic television’s “A Hazard of Hearts.” She appeared “ Iris Click to look into! >> Read More... ” for the film “The Mask.” These were followed by handful and tons of movies. She exceedingly starred in the horror movie “Mary Shelly’s: Frankenstein” with Kenneth Branagh and Robert De Niro A legendary actor and one of the most influential >> Read More... . She also appeared in critically-acclaimed and blockbusters like fantasy-sci-fi “Planet of the Apes” in 2001, Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”, the series “Terminator: Salvation,” the fantasy “Alice in Wonderland,” “ The Lone Ranger Click to look into! >> Read More... ” with Johnny Depp An iconic award-winning-actor that doesn’t watches >> Read More...  again, star-studded “ Les Miserables Click to look into! >> Read More... ,” and more. She does have upcoming movie “ Cinderella Click to look into! >> Read More... ” not as archenemy but “The Fairy Godmother.” 

She was one of the most hated and unwanted character in Harry Potter Series. The cousin of Sirius Black and also his murderer – Bellatrix Lestrange. She was noted for portraying a deranged character and satanic appearances, and most faithful servant of “he who must not be named.” She got her movements from her mother’s real-life mannerisms.


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