11 American Horror TV Series English Article

For all the fearless people out there, who dream of fighting ghosts and witches for the adrenaline rush. These are some of the best horror series out there, for you to binge-watch this summer.

1. American Horror Story

This TV series is currently, ruling the roost. It is compiled of anthologies, for the ones who don’t possess time and patience to watch eight seasons at a stretch. Look out for a Murder House, Insane Asylum, A Coven, A Freak Show and an Enigmatic Hotel.

P.S. ‘ Adam Levine’ and ‘ Lady Gaga’, being guest appearances.

2. " The Walking Dead Season 1", " The Walking Dead Season 2", " The Walking Dead Season 3", " The Walking Dead Season 4", " The Walking Dead Season 5", " The Walking Dead Season 6"

For the love of zombies, and those who believe in Zombie Apocalypse. It is a survival journey of a group of survivors, post a zombie apocalypse led by the protagonist, Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes. Back to back gunshots, blood, and violence.

P.S. Zombies Aboard!

3. " Supernatural Season 1", "Supernatural Season 10", "Supernatural Season 11"

Humans hunt down ghosts, monsters, vampires, witches, and even gods! A pair of hunter brothers is the lead of this show.

P.S. Natural vs. Supernatural

4. Penny Dreadful

A fictional series set in the 19th Century Victorian era. Corporating characters from 19th Century popular fiction stories. You will find characters of Dorian Gray, Mina Harker, and Abraham Van Helsing, Dr. Henry Jekyll, Victor Frankenstein and Frankenstein. Along with a Clairvoyant, an Explorer and a Gunslinger, who tackle supernatural threats.

P.S. Not for the faint hearted.

5. Bates Motel

For those who wanted more of Alfred Hitchcock's " The Psycho". The story follows the early years of murderer Norman Bates and his mother.

P.S. Expect the unexpected.

6. Hannibal

For those who’re intrigued by cannibals. Ironically, an FBI criminal profiler is friends with Dr. Lecter Hannibal, a forensic psychiatrist who happens to be a cannibal.

P.S. Chills down the spine.

7. " The Vampire Diaries Season 1", " The Vampire Diaries Season 5", " The Vampire Diaries Season 6"

For those who loved Twilight! Here is a more dramatic version. The protagonist girl Elena falls in love with two Vampire brothers. This series is an event of fights, misunderstandings, and romantic moments.

P.S. Suitable for teenagers who love fantasy.

8. The Returned

For those who love the combination of mystery and horror. A group of dead people suddenly appear out of nowhere and start leading normal lives. What happens is a series of gruesome and gory events.

P.S. Ever imagined a story like this! .

9. Sleepy Hollow

For those who love to see historical characters in a contemporary context. Ichabod Crane is resurrected after two and a half century to unravel mysteries along with an officer.

10. " Game Of Thrones Season 1", " Game Of Thrones Season 2", " Game Of Thrones Season 3", " Game Of Thrones Season 4", " Game Of Thrones Season 5", " Game Of Thrones Season 6", " Game Of Thrones Season 7"

For those who love loads of drama and bloodshed. This one is for you. Noble families fight for the Iron Throne with each other as well as with legendary creatures.

11. The Originals

For the vampire lovers, again! The first family of vampires helped in the construction of the town of New Orleans return. Apparently, meeting up with new friends and facing old enemies.

P.S. Vampires can never get old!