Cindy Sampson English Actress
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Cindy Marie Sampson was born on 27th May 1978 in Halifax, Canada. She is a film and television actress from Canada. She started her career in 1989 and is still going strong at the age of 37. She started off her career working on the television and later joined the Canadian film industry. Cindy Sampson was first seen on television in Street Cents. She made regular appearances on television from 1989. From 1999 to 2000, she featured in the TV show Lexx. She became popular with her role in the 2003 hitmaker, Sex, and the Single Mom. This made her a regular star on TV. She followed up her success with Stone Cold in 2005. 2007 featured her in one of her most popular roles when she bagged the role of Lisa Braeden in Supernatural.

She worked for four years on the show in intervals. During her four years, she was part of 11 episodes. Sampson had already become a star on the small screen. She then started to feature in films which made her even more popular although she first started as a supporting actor. She got her big role in Live Once, Die Twice, and The Shrine. Her role in The Factory was also praised. Cindy Sampson’s work has not gone unnoticed. From her role in The Last Kiss to her role in Swamp Devil, she has received love from all around the globe. Cindy Sampson has not been around for a while now, but she still makes TV appearances here and there.