Adam Levine is an American song composer and singer. He was born on 18th March 1979 in Los Angeles. His parents were Patsy and M. Fredric and he has two brothers named Michael and Sam. At the age of seven, his parents divorced. He used to stay with his mother on weekdays and with his father on weekends. Adam’s family is very fond of music. Adam’s mother is highly fond of it. Adam credits his mother’s musical idols, Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles for shaping his musical style and upbringing him as a singer. He went to Brentwood School, where he met Jesse Carmichael and Mickey Madden, who later went on to become his band mates.

During his adolescence, Adam was got into drugs. Later, he confessed on ‘ Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ that after consuming drugs for the first time, he stopped it. In 1995, he formed a band with his Brentwood schoolmates, Jesse, Mickey along with Ryan Dusick and named it ‘Kara’s Flowers’. They had their first performance in a nightclub called Whisky a Go Go in West Hollywood. Levine sang and played guitar. In 1997, a producer, Tommy Allen noticed their performance in Malibu. Tommy and his partner John DeNicola signed them for Reprise Records.

In 1997, ‘Kara’s Flowers’ released their first album entitled ‘The Fourth World’. They appeared on a drama series, Beverly Hills’ episode. Later, the band’s limited success led to their break-up with Reprise Records and each other.

Adam pursued his studies in New York after the break of his band. Then, he started to work on hip-hop. He had Jesse with him in Five Towns College in New York. Later, after dropping out of college, he and Jesse reunited with their other band mates and formed the band once again. They practiced various styles. In the beginning, they were rejected by several production companies. The band then added a new member named James Valentine and then named their band ‘Maroon 5’. The band slowly gained popularity from their debut album ‘Songs about Jane’. Maroon 5 won their first award for “Best New Artist” in Grammy Awards. Following up, they won the title of “Best Pop Performance by a Group” in the Grammy Awards. The band recorded many more albums and famous songs like ‘Won’t Be Soon before Long’, ‘If I Never See Your Face Again’, ‘Hands All Over’, and ‘Moves like Jagger’.

Adam has had collaborations with many musical artists. He appeared with them on many shows and music tracks. He also made appearances on TV and films. Some of them are ‘ Begin Again’ and ‘American Horror Story: Asylum.’

Coming to Adam’s personal life, in 2010, he had a relationship with a cover page model, Anne Vyalitsyna. They broke up in 2012. He started dating Victoria’s Secret angel Behati Prinsloo in 2012. They separated in 2013, but they patched up and got married in 2014. Adam and Behati are now expecting their first child together.

Judy Garland English Actress

Judy Garland

An American singer, actress, and vaudevillian, Judy Garland (Frances Ethel Gumm), was born in Grand Rapids, Minnesotaon June 10, 1922. She was acclaimed for her deep vocals. She started performing with her elder sisters, Suzanne Gumm and Jimmie Gumm in Vaudeville. Her parents were settled in Grand Rapids, where they ran a movie theatre. Judy was of Scottish, English, and Irish origin. She was named after her parents at a local priestly church.She did her schooling from Hollywood High School and later got graduated from University High School. Her first appearance was on the stage of her father’s movie theatrewhen she was just two-and-half years old during a Christmas show where she sang a chorus of Jingle Bells. The Gumm Sisters made their first film debut in a short film, The Big Revue, in 1929. Following which they appeared in ‘ A Holiday in Storyland ‘ and ‘The Wedding of Jack and Jill.’ There were many stories behind the name the Garland sisters but by 1934, the sisters changed their name from the Gumm sisters to the Garland sisters. In 1926, due to some reasons, her family shifted to Lancaster, California where her father purchased another theatre and started operating it. She was signed to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as a teenager with which she made more than two dozen films that include her most iconic role in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ as Dorothy in 1939. After 15 years she left the MGM studio and achieved new success over record-breaking appearances in concert, her Emmy-nominated television series and flourishing record career. During her initial years at the studio, she got dressed and photographed in simple outfits or in squirt gowns and dresses to correspond to the image of the girl-next-door, created for her. She used to wear doused caps on her teeth and disks made of rubber to reshape her nose. While preparing for a radio performance on the Shell Chateau Hour, on November 16, 1935, she got to know that her father got hospitalized with meningitis. Living her shattered behind, Frank Gumm passed away the next morning. By pairing Garland with Mickey Rooney as backyard musicals, MGM got an endearing formula. The pair first casted together in supporting characters in Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry (1937). Garland alleged that she, Rooney and other performers were steadily laid down to take amphetamines to stay awake to match up with the agitated pace of making one film after the other, along with barbiturates so that they can sleep well. She got addicted to them because of regular intake which became a lifelong struggle for her. She later realized that her youth was stolen by MGM. However, her co-actor denied that the studio was responsible for her addiction; he said it was Garland herself who chose to go on that path. In 1938, she got a chance to be a part of the young Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz, which was a captious success; in this film, she sang the song Over the Rainbow. She won Academy Award, a Juvenile Award for her performance for the same in 1939. Garland experienced her first adult romance with Artie Shaw but was heartbroken in early 1940. After this, she came in a relationship with the musician, Davis Rose. David was married at the time when he proposed Judy, they waited for his divorce and soon after that they both got married on July 27, 1941. Garland agreed to a trail separation, got her child aborted and divorced in 1944. On June 22, 1969, her dead body was discovered in the bathroom of her rented house in Chelsea, London. It was later learned that the reason of her death was self-overdose of barbiturates. There was no evidence found which stated that she had committed suicide. Her post-mortem reports showed no wrecks of drugs in her stomach, which signified that the drug had been consumed over a long tenure, rather than taken in just one dose. Her death certificate mentioned that her death had been accidental. No matter how beautiful she looked in the pictures or on screen, she was never confident in herself, and she never escaped from the image of girl-next-door which had been created for her.


Elton John

Sir Elton Hercules John is an English musician. He was born as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, to Stanley Dwight and Sheila Eileen, in Piner, Middlesex, England, in 1947. He has had a long career in music, spanning five decades, and released more than thirty studio albums, with seven of them topping charts in the US. With more than fifty Top 40 hits, and total sales crossing more than 300 million, he is easily one of the best-selling musicians of all time. Elton John learned to play the piano at a very young age, and formed his first band, ‘Bluesology’, as early as 1962, when he was just fifteen. He also started writing songs for other bands with fellow lyricist, Bernie Taupin, who was also a session musician, in 1967. Bernie Taupin and Elton John have released more than thirty albums together, till date. An interesting fact is how he says in an interview that he was never confident, and felt as if they were ‘going nowhere’. Elton John’s first single, ‘I’ve Been Loving You’, was released in 1968, produced by a former bandmate from Bluesology. He went on to release another single, ‘Lady Samantha’, and his first studio album, ‘Empty Sky’, released in 1969. His second album, ‘Elton John’, released the following year and achieved moderate success with the first single peaking at number 92 on the charts. Following some stints writing music for films, two studio albums and a live album, Elton John released ‘Honky Chateau’, in 1971, which became his first album to reach number 1 in the US. This was the first, of what would soon be a series of seven consecutive albums topping the US charts. His next album, ‘Don’t Shoot The Piano Player’, contained the famous single ‘Crocodile Rock’, which was his first Billboard Hot 100 number 1. ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’, released in 1973, soon garnered him critical success, topping the charts and remaining there for two months. Its title track, and the single, ‘Candle In The Wind’, from it, are now some of Elton John’s most well-known songs. Elton John also collaborated with John Lennon on a cover of the Beatles classic, ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’. He played the role of the ‘Pinball Wizard’ on The Who’s 1975 movie adaption of their rock album, ‘Tommy’. In 1976, Elton John, in an interview with The Rolling Stone, stated that he was bisexual. He became the first musician to release seven consecutive US chart-topping albums. He was also one of the first Western artists to tour the Soviet Union and Israel. After a drop from the charts due to issues with his voice, he again came back with his 1983 release, ‘Too Low For Zero’. He was also one of the many performers at the famous 1985 Live Aid Concert. He released another one of his famous singles, ‘Sacrifice’, which topped the UK charts, in 1990. In 1992, he played at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert (a tribute concert held in honor of the late musician Freddie Mercury, the late singer of the popular rock band Queen), which featured a plethora of other famous acts, including, Guns ‘N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose, Tony Iommi, the lead guitarist of the early metal band Black Sabbath, Robert Plant, the lead singer of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin, acclaimed pop and rock singer David Bowie, pop star Annie Lennox, and the lead singer of the 80s’ British band Def Leppard, Joe Elliot. He also wrote songs for the animated Disney film, ‘Lion King’, including the song, ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’, which won him the Academy Award For Best Song and two other Grammy awards. It became one of his staple songs. The soundtrack album would then remain at the top of the Billboard charts for almost nine weeks. ‘Lion King’ was certified Diamond by the RIAA in 1998 for selling fifteen million copies. He was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1994. ‘Candle In The Wind 1997,’ a revised version of his famous single of the same name, was released by him as a tribute to Princess Diana after her death and soon became the most selling single of all time, selling more than thirty million copies worldwide. It was later placed in the Guinness Book Of World Records for its high sales. Having released 32 albums, sold out at the Madison Square Garden five times, acquiring an estimated wealth of 195 million pounds, and winning numerous prestigious awards and honors, Elton John has never slowed down, and continued to release music albums as late as 2015, when he released his last studio album called, ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’. After his divorce from his wife, Renate Blauel, in 1988, he admitted to being gay in an interview, having previously stated that he was bisexual. He started to see David Furnish in 1993, and in 2005, they became one of the first couples in the UK to enter a civil partnership, eventually marrying on 21st December after gay marriage became legal in England in 2014. No stranger to giving back, he has donated copious amounts to numerous AIDS charities and founded the Elton John AIDS Foundation in 1992. His life, however, has not been devoid of hardships, with him facing drug addiction problems till the age of 43, and also struggling with bulimia. He remains a surprisingly humble man, living in a modest residence and has no piano in it, saying that he plays too many shows all year to want to play at home, too. He takes an active interest in contemporary art, and his house is filled with portraits. Though expected that his kids would be living rambunctious lives with all the fame and money, they actually live a happy, calm life with their father, going to Pizza Hut for lunch, and cinemas, and making do with a limited and a sensible amount of pocket money that they receive from their father. Not one to spoil his kid’s upbringing, Elton John has said that he will not leave all of his money to his children, and instead wants them to learn to fend for their own, and be independent.

Elton John English Actor