Top 10 Best Playback Singers Of Bengali Film Industry

Top 10 Best Playback Singers Of Bengali Film Industry Bengali Article

The Bengali film industry is popularly known for its rich cultural heritage. It has produced umpteen of the finest movies that had an inexpungible impact on the audience. The most integral part of these movies is always the music. Tollywood is complete with its music. It has given us some extraordinary playback singers who never fail to mesmerise us with their soulful and melodious voices. Their voices are a treat to our ears. Listed below are the Top 10 playback singers of the Bengali film industry. 

1. Shreya Ghosal

She needs no preface. Shreya Ghosal is one of the most versatile playback singers who can sing in more than five languages. With such a euphonic, sweet, and extraordinary voice, she began her singing career in Tollywood with the film Champion in 2003. After that, she was unstoppable. Shreya Ghosal has sung many popular songs, namely, Tomake from Parineeta, Bhojena se Bhojena from Bhojena se Bhojena, Jao Pakhi Story soon >> Read More... Jao Pakhi from Antaheen and many more. The music industry has awarded her numerous accolades for her immense contribution.


2.  Arijit Singh Most famous for his songs in Aashiqui 2, Arijit Si >> Read More... Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh is one of the most popular, loved, and sought-after playback singers. His debut song was Phiriye Dao from the movie Baishey Shrabon. Arijit has won over the heart of every people who have listened to him. His speciality is that his voice can make one feel every lyric; one can feel overwhelmed with emotions whenever he sings. His songs are therapeutic, and so is his voice. Some popular songs are Bhojena se Bhojena from Bhojena se Bhojena, Ami Je Ke Tomar from the film Ami Je Ke Tomar, Egiye De from Shudhu Tomari Jonyo, Ki Kore Toke Bolbo from Paglu 2 and so many more.

3. Shaan

Shantanu Mukherjee, also known as Shaan, is popular for his soothingly melodious voice. Majhi Re from The Bong Connection, Bol na Aar from Dui Prithibi Dui Prithibi is a Bengali romantic political drama >> Read More... Dui Prithibi , and Deewana Bole Daake from Network are a few among many of the songs that have earned him respect, appreciation, and accolades from the audience.


4. Anupam-Roy

is a seasoned singer with several hit songs. His unique style and voice have won him several awards. He debuted in Tollywood with the iconic song Aamke Amar Moton Thakte Dao from Autograph. He has made a mark in the industry within no time. His other popular songs are Ekbar Bol from Baishey Shrabon, Tumi Jaake Bhalobasho from Praktin, Shohage Adore from Belashuru and many more.


5.  Rupankar Bagchi Rupankar is a singer-songwriter, playback vocalist >> Read More... Rupankar Bagchi

He is a well-known playback singer with a distinct voice. Chupi Chupi Raat from the film Chalo Let’s Go was his debut song in the Bengali music industry. He became an immediate hotshot with the release of a few more songs. He collaborated with the best music directors and gave us some soulful songs, like, Govire Jao from Baishey Shrabon, Amar Mawte from Hemlock Society, and Roopkothara from Aparajita Tumi. The song, E Tumi Kemin Tumi from Jaatishwar, fetched him the National Film Award for Best Playback Singer in 2014. 


6.  Lagnajita Chakraborty Lagnajita Chakraborty is a Bengali playback singer >> Read More... Lagnajita Chakraborty

Lagnajita is a talented playback singer with a singular and soulful voice who can convey every emotion through it. She rose to fame with her debut song Basanta Eshey Gechey from Chotushkone. After that, she released other popular songs, Thake Joto Tarai Dure, Shokhi Rongo Koto Bol, Preme Pora Baron and many more.   


7.  Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury

She is an amazing playback singer who ventured into the Bengali Film Industry with the song Jagorone Jay Bibhabori from the film Ranjana Ami Ashbona. With her melodious voice and unique style, she sang other songs for successful movies, like, Mayabono Bihari Horini from Bedroom, Bhalobeshe Sokhi from Dutta Vs Dutta, Tomake Firiye Diye from Khola Hawa Story soon >> Read More... Khola Hawa and many other songs.


8.  Rupam Islam Born in Kolkata, West Bengal, in 1974, Rupam Islam >> Read More... Rupam Islam

The lead vocalist of the famous Bangla band Fossils, Rupam Islam, is a man who needs no introduction. He debuted with the song Cross the Line from the film Chalo Let Go. His song, Ei to Ami, from the film Mahanagar@Kolkata, fetched him the National Film Award for Best Playback Singer in 2010. The iconic song Beche Thakar Gaan from Baishey Shrabon made him more popular. He was unstoppable after that. Rupam Islam became one of the busiest playback singers in Tollywood after that. His other songs are Ke Ke Ke Jane from Chaplin, Phiriye Dewar Gaan from Hemlock Society, Kakababur Gaan from Mishor Rohosyo and many more.


9. Iman-Chakraborty

The national awardee for Best Female Playback Singer for the incredible song Tumi Jake Bhalobaso from the movie Prakton, , is a predominantly Rabindra Sangeet singer who flourished herself well in Tollywood. She rose to the fame she deserved from her other famous songs Rangabati from Gotro, Tapa Tini from Belashuru, and Era Shukher Lagi from the film Sweater and a few more.

10. Annwesha Mita Duttagupta 

Annwesha is still considered one of the best playback singers to emerge from the reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Since her debut in 2008 with the song Ek Je Acchey Raja from the film Khela, she has always proved her capability. Her soulful voice and emotional depth in Sharatadin from Yoddha: The Warrior, Bojhena Se Bojhena Bojhena Se Bojhena, the Bengali serial, is the rem >> Read More... Bojhena Se Bojhena from Bojhena Shey Bojhena, Dekho Peye Gechi Bari from Shudhu Jawa Asha, along with many other songs from successful films, have helped her achieve recognition and win several accolades.