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Bengali Movie Actress Rituparna Sengupta
Rituparna Sengupta is as Indian actress who has contributed to Hindi and mostly Bengali cinema throughout her career. Born on 7th November, 1971, she was on her way to a Master’s degree in Modern History, when her education got interrupted by a golden chance to appear on screen. Her first role was in “Shwet Pathorer Thala” in 1992, directed by Prabhat Roy Prabhat Roy is an iconic figure in Bengali cinema >> Read More... . Her entrance in the industry was a dazzling one, mainly because her debut role showed plenty of the negative side. Never attending any acting school or lessons, she claims her acting skills all arise from the active years of stage performances she has done in school. Her profile is filled with numerous movies in Bengali and Hindi. In 2013, she entered Mollywood when she was casted by Sohanlal in his movie “Kadhaveedu”. The actress was compelled to the sensitive storyline of the film. Among her many successful films, her performance in “ Dahan Story soon >> Read More... ” won the Best Actress Award at the 1988 Indian National Film Awards. She played the role of a wife who suffered a sexual assault. Recently, she has done, what she considers to be the boldest film of her career, “3 Kanya”. But her boldness does not end there. She is widely acclaimed by many as a very bold and beautiful woman due to her other sensual appearances in movies like “Trishnna” and “ Charulata Story Soon >> Read More... ”. Among her admirable acting talents, she is also trained in Manipuri and Odissi dances, and has a dancing group of her own named “BhavnaAaj O Kal”. She also actively participates in campaigns for children with Thalassemia.


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