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Top 10 Bengali Films Of Koel Mallick

Top 10 Bengali Films Of Koel Mallick English Article

Koel Mallick Koel Mallick is precisely the present No 1 actress >> Read More... was born as Rukmini Mallick. She is an actress. She was born on 28 April 1982 in Calcutta, West Bengal, to Ranjit Mallick Ranjit Mallick is a famous Indian actor known for >> Read More... and Deepa Mallick. She completed her schooling at Modern Girls High School and Graduated from Gokhale Memorial Girls’ College, University of Calcutta, with a BSc Hons in Psychology. Here is the list of Bengali films in which she acted.

1. Hemlock Society

The film Hemlock Society is about suicide. It shows mental health. It shows funny incidents to bring the fear of death. It can stop people from committing suicide. Meghna is the main character of the film. She is unhappy in her personal and work life. Her father has an extramarital affair. Her fiancé rejects her. She is facing several problems. She decides to commit suicide. She is saved by Ananda Kar. He founded the Hemlock Society. He teaches how to commit suicide effectively in a satirical way. He brings out the fear of death in people. Finally saves them and teaches them life values.

2. Dui Prithibi Dui Prithibi is a Bengali romantic political drama >> Read More...

In the film Dui Prithibi, Moel Mallick played the role of Nandini. Rahul Roy Rahul Roy is a well-known Indian model-turned-acto >> Read More... is the son of Abhiraj Roy. He is a multi-millionaire. He lives a lavish lifestyle. He is a happy person who has everything he wants. He meets Nandini one day. She is a young doctor. He proposes to her. It is challenged by his friends. She is an orphan. She helps the poor. But Rahul does not love this behavior of her. She loves him, but his behavior is not acceptable to her. She comes to know about the challenge. She gets over him. One day he meets Shibu. He is a motorbike thief. He speaks with him. He understands poor people. He changes.

3. Saat Paake Bandha Saat Paake Bandha is a Bengali television series t >> Read More...

In the film Saat Paake Bandha, Koel Mallick played the role of Pallavi Mallick. Rahul is the son of a rich businessman. He returns to India after studying abroad. His father asks him to marry. He agrees but makes a deal with his father. He will marry the woman of his father’s wish. But he will remain married for one year. After that, he would decide whether to remain married or get a divorce. Pallavi is his PA. She is selected as the bride. She lives with her widowed mother, an elder sister who separated from her husband, a younger unemployed brother, and her Youngest pregnant and unmarried sister. She agrees to marry and signs the contract because she is the only breadwinner of the family.

4. Chander Bari

The film Chander Bari shows the reality of a middle-class joint family. The Sanyals are the family. It consists of a grandfather, his son, daughter-in-law, their two children, a daughter, and a son. The daughter-in-law behaves like the rules of the house. They live together in a bungalow in Bhawanipur. They have more servants than family members. The eldest son returns there from London, UK. He went there for his business work. He returns with a wife and her child. This is her second marriage. Her previous husband got killed. Now the mother-in-law cannot accept her. Problem arises.

5. Bolo Na Tumi Amar

In the film Bolo Na Tumi Amar, Koel Mallick played the role of Madhurima. She is a medical student. She goes to North Bengal for a tour. There she meets Abhishek. He is a pizza delivery boy. One day her father saw her with him. He is angry. He fixes her marriage with Soumyadeep Sen. He is a policeman. It was a misunderstanding that Abhishkek and Madhurima were together. To resolve his mistake, he tells to her fiancée that he loves her. But he is just acting to save her from this marriage. Now things get worse.

6. Cockpit

The film Cockpit is about a true incident of a flight crash. The flight was flying from Mumbai to Kolkata. Due to bad weather causes turbulence. Divakar Rakshit is the captain. He is flying from London to Delhi. Another flight took off from Delhi, but the captain was asked to hold back. He did not hear. This resulted in a head-on collision on both flights. Everyone dies. It was the incident of 1996. Now in the Present day, Divendu Rakshit is the captain. He was flying from Mumbai to Kolkata. He is the son of Divakar Rakshit. The film also shows the personal lives of the passengers. Due to bad weather conditions, the flight crashes while landing. Everyone dies.

7. Mitin Mashi

In the film Mitin Mashi, Koel Mallick played the role of Pragyaparamita Mukherjee or Mitin Mashi. It is based on the novel Hate Matro Tintey Din, written by Suchitra Bhattacharya Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . It was released on 2 October 2019. It was directed by Arindam Sil Born on 12th March 1958, Arindam Sil is an Indian >> Read More... . The production was done by Camellia Production Pvt. Ltd. This is a detective film. The actors were Koel Mallick, Vinay Pathak Vinay Pathak is a well known face in the field of >> Read More... , June Malia June Malia was born in 1975 Darjeeling; West Benga >> Read More... , Riya Banerjee, and others.

8. Hitlist

In the film Hitlist, Koel Mallick played the role of Anindita. Five people work in an office. It is an ad agency company. Four of them have one decision, and one has something else planned. The odd one is Rana. The four call Rana to agree with them. But he disagrees. One of them, in anger, accidentally kills Rana. They put his body in his car. They drown him. Later police find it. Now, Rana’s wife, Anindita has joined the company. One of the four workers, Joy, dies in a car accident. Subha is the person who killed her husband. He comes closer to her. He invites her for dinner. She brings home-cooked food. Then he dies of food poisoning. Now the police are investigating the case.

9. Sagardwipey Jawker Dhon

The film Sagardwipey Jawker Dhon is about adventure. This film is adapted from the novel Jawker Dhon by Bimal Kumar and Hemendra Kumar Roy Hemendra Kumar was born in Kolkata in 1888 on 2nd >> Read More... . Jawker Dhan means the treasure of ghosts. Kumar finds a puzzle on a human skull. The skull was just an antique piece of his grandfather. It is a clue to a Tibetan treasure. Now he sets out to find the treasure.

10. Herogiri

In the film Herogiri, Koel Mallick played the role of Maria. Shuvo works in ICICI as a collection agent in Kolkata. He is a happy man. He lives with his father Dibakar Burman. He wants to get married soon. One day, his friend tries to commit suicide. He is taken to the hospital. He does this because of a girl named Maria and her uncle Buddhadev. They have a habit of cheating people. Now, he decides to teach them a lesson.