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Top 10 Bengali Films About Festivals

Author: Deepshikha Pandey
Top 10 Bengali Films About Festivals Bengali Article

Festivals hold a significant importance in everyone's life. Festivals are not just related to enjoyment; they also tell us about our rituals and remind us about the past victories of our reverend god. Every religion has its festivals and celebrates them with their practices. In this way, our Bengali films have always shown numerous festival celebrations of Durga Pooja and tried to give a meaningful lesson to the audience. Our Bengali film industry has given us various films elaborating on the beautiful essence of the Bengali festivals. Let us have a look at the top 10 Bengali movies about festivals.

1. Ustab

It is a 2000 film starring Madhabi Mukherjee Madhabi is a National Award-winning Indian Actress >> Read More... Madhabi Mukherjee , Mamata Shankar Mamata Shankar was born on 7th January 1955 in Kol >> Read More... Mamata Shankar , Arpita Pal Arpita Pal has mostly contributed to the Bengali f >> Read More... Arpita Pal , Prasenjit Chatterjee, Pradeep Mukherjee, and Deepankar De. The plot of the movie is fantastic and is based on the story of a cultured Bengali family. The whole family follows all the rituals of their religion. The family gets together at the traditional house where pooja takes place, and suddenly, a relative comes there who is interested in buying that house. Most of the family members favor selling the home due to their problems. The film focuses on the family’s dilemma through the Durga Puja festival.

2. Debipaksha

It is a 2004 Bengali film. The film revolves around the story of a woman named Haimanti who comes from a very religious family and gets raped by the local goon. She tries to forget that and starts a new chapter of her life and lives away from her family, but when it comes to her sister, she doesn't think anything and gets back home with a dedication to take revenge on the criminal. It is very powerfully portrayed in the film when Haimanti takes revenge; she looks like the avatar of Devi Kali, powerful, ferocious, and fearless.

3. Dashami

It is a 2012 Bengali film. It is a romantic story about two childhood friends, Tuli and Abhi. Actors starring in the movie are Koel Malik and . When Abhi's parents passed away, all the responsibilities came onto Abhi's shoulders, so he decided to leave his studies in the middle and start running a small business. On the other hand, Tuli goes abroad for higher studies. A significant year later, when Tuli returns from abroad for Durga Pooja and celebrates it with family and friends, her life takes a new twist. The five-day celebrations of Durga Pooja mark twists and turns in Tuli's life.


4. Bodhon

Bodhon is genuinely a fascinating movie. The movie shows the difficulties faced by a woman in today's world. The film’s story is about a high-middle-class family. There is a guy named Archi and his wife named Ishani, but they do not know that the Durga Pooja of this year is coming for them with lots of confusion and dilemmas. On the first day of Durga Pooja, an unforeseen problem comes to the family, and the family fights it for the next five days. But suddenly, Ishaani is confronted with her past and realizes her dream. Will she be successful in achieving her aim or get stuck in her duties as a mother? The movie beautifully shows the Bengali culture and region. This film has also tried to cover the concept of the problems faced by women, with Maa Kali helping Ishani in solving her problems.


5. Devi

It is a 1960 film starring Sharmila Tagore Sharmila Tagore is a Bengali actress, who later sh >> Read More... Sharmila Tagore and Soumitra Chatterjee Soumitra Chatterjee was born on January 19, 1935, >> Read More... Soumitra Chatterjee . This film is the remake of a short story by Provatkumar Mukhopadhyay. The film is based on seeing and believing the young girls and women as incarnations of goddess Durga and Kaali. This movie has a mind-blowing idea. The story is based on blind superstitions. Doyamoyee, a girl from the village, gets married to Umaprasad. One day, the father-in-law Doyamoyee believes that his daughter-in-law is the incarnation of the goddess Kali. But this superstition forced Dayamoyee to live in a myth and risk the life of a small boy. The movie is a portrayal of the traditional conservative values of the society, as well as the faith of the people in God and Durga Puja.


6. Basanta Bilap

 It is a 1973 Indian Bengali film. The story’s plot is based on the clashes between 4 men and a group of women, and how their conflicts turn into a romantic account is very entertaining. On the other hand, the film also shows the scenes of the spring season and celebrations of their festivals in the spring. It is shown very, especially when they welcome the spring season.


7. Chotushkone

It is an Indian Bengali Thriller film starring Aparna Sen A vetern filmmaker and actress, Aparna Sen has bee >> Read More... Aparna Sen , Goutam Ghose Gautam Ghose is a special man. He has won numerous >> Read More... Goutam Ghose , Chiranjeet Chakraborty Chiranjeet Chakraborty, whose real name is Deepak >> Read More... Chiranjeet Chakraborty , Parambrata Chatterjee Parambrata Chatterjee, born on 27th June 1980, is >> Read More... Parambrata Chatterjee , and Payel Sarkar Payel Sarkar is an Indian Bengali actress who has >> Read More... Payel Sarkar . This film also won the national award for outstanding direction. This film brings out the four short stories with the same theme: Death. This film is also famous for its fantastic theme song of Basanto Eshe Geche, which is the favorite song of every Bengali. This film shows how warm-hearted Bengalis welcome the spring and celebrate it like a festival.


8. Ekanto Apon

It is a 1987 film. This film beautifully shows the festival Holi. This film is also famous for the song Khelbo Holi Rong Debona. The captivating scenery and environment portrayed in the film enhance the sacred sequence, making it more lively and enjoyable for the audience.


9. Bishorjon

It is a 2017 Bengali film. The actors starring in the movie are AbirChatterjee and Bangladeshi actress Jaya Ahsan Jaya Ahsan is a Bangladeshi actress and producer. >> Read More... Jaya Ahsan . The story revolves around the love story between a Bangladeshi Hindu widow and an Indian Muslim businessman, who one day washes up on the Bangladesh side of the Ichamati River. The story starts with the scene of the Bishorjon festival where the son of a Hindu woman forces her to go with him to see Bishorjan. Bishorjon is shown beautifully in this film.

10. Asur

It is a 2020 Indian Bengali language film. The story of this movie is inspired by the 2015 Deshopriyo Park Durga Pujo, the giant Durga Idol. This is the story of an artist named Kigan, who is determined to make a huge Durga Idol for Durga Pooja. This film shows the devotion of an artist towards making the idol of the goddess Durga, but in the end, his dedication gets exchanged with the competition, and he betrays himself.