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Bengali Movie Actress Suchitra Sen
  • DOB : 06-04-1931
  • Date of death: 17-01-2014
  • Lived For : 82 Years
  • Star Sign : Aries
  • Gender : Female

Suchitra Sen was a renowned and respected Indian film actress, mostly played characters in Bengali films. She is well known for her work in ' Saat Paake Bandha Saat Paake Bandha is a Bengali television series t >> Read More... ' which fetch her Silver Prize at 1963's Moscow International Film Festival. In 1963, she was awarded one of the India's highest civilian award ‘Padma Shree.’

Suchitra Sen was born in Bari village of Sirajgonj district of Bangladesh to Late Karunamoy Das Gupta. She is also the granddaughter of famous poet Rajanikanta Sen Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . She debuted in Bengali films in the year 1952 through ‘Shesh Kothay.’ However due to some reasons, the film went unreleased. Next to this, she appeared with Uttam Kumar Uttam Kumar was matinee idol of Bengali cinema. He >> Read More... in her second film 'Sharey Chuattor' which was a success. Suchitra, with this outstanding platform, went on to become one of the most beloved actresses of Bengali Film industry. She played several roles in around 60 films throughout her career.

The Suchitra- Uttam duet was believed to be the launching leading pair for any movie. Thus, she acted in around 30 films out of 60. Suchitra, through her ecstatic and terrific performance, grabbed audience's attention and in a very short span, she begged one of the most desired awards, 'Best Actress Award' with her performance in the film 'Devdas' in 1955.

Devdas is a classic masterpiece depicting the social caste customs existing in Bengal at that point of time. The system that prevent the blossom of genuine love. Moreover, Devdas was also the first Hindi based film based on the novel by Chandra Chattopadhyay's 'Devdas'. Late Suchitra Sen received numerous awards from states and institutions. After Padma Shri in 1972, she was felicitated with Dada Saheb Phalke Award in 2005. In 2012, she was congratulated with West Bengal Governments highest honor 'Banga Bibhushan'.


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