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Mahua Bengali TV SERIALS on Enterr10 Bangla
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Mahua is a Bengali series that started airing on Enterr10 Bangla in 2022. It was aired on Dangal TV as Nath. Mahua is a village girl who locks horns with Shambu Singh Thakur, a guy from a wealthy family. In a situation, she was sold to Mahesh. When Mahesh tries to kill her, Shambu saves her and marries her. But Mahesh kills Shambu. Later, she marries Aryan Mishra, an Inspector. Mahua gives birth to two kids. A situation separates them, and she moves with one of her daughters, and the other one is with Aryan. Mahua becomes a school teacher and raises her daughter, Krishna. Aryan falls in love with Kajal and hence decides to divorce Mahua. However, Mahua denies to sign the divorce papers. When Aryan reunites with Mahua, Ramesh kills him. Then, she marries Aditya Rathore, an army personnel. While exposing a criminal activity, Mahua gets killed. Then, Mahua’s kids, Krishna and Gauri, who lost their parents, are living in poverty. What happened to them? The rest of the story speaks about their life. 

Atif Khan   Starting as an associate director with Jodha Ak >> Read More... directed the series.  Ved Raj Ved Raj is a script- writer for Hindi television s >> Read More... and Isha Gaur produced the serial.  Chahat Pandey Chahat Pandey is an actress who works in the India >> Read More... , Anupama Solanki Anupama Solanki is an Indian TV actress. She was b >> Read More... , Arjit Taneja Arjit Taneja born in Delhi, India is known for his >> Read More... , Avinash Mishra Avinash Mishra is a Hindi TV actor and a model. He >> Read More... , Abhishek Tiwari Abhishek Tewari came from a very educated family f >> Read More... , Ankit Gera Ankit Gera is an Indian TV actor and TV presenter, >> Read More... , Aalisha Panwar Alisha Panwar is an Indian TV actress, popular amo >> Read More... , Arjun Singh Dalal Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , and Ishita Ganguly featured in the serial. Isha Gaur and Punit Dixit composed the music. Pankaj Kathpal and Ayan Hashmi edited the serial. 

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Subhasree Ganguly Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 3 November 1990
Subhasree Ganguly
Chhabi Biswas Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 12 July 1900
Chhabi Biswas
Churni Ganguly Bengali Movie Actress
DOB: 17 November 1967
Churni Ganguly
Dev Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 25 December 1985
Ankush Hazra Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 14 February 1989
Ankush Hazra
Hiran Chatterjee Bengali Movie Actor
DOB: 19 December 1985
Hiran Chatterjee