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Writers Can Make A Greater Impact,is it True?

A writer is an artist who spreads his ideas through pieces of writing. He pens down his ideas into words and expresses his sentiments on paper. A writer usually is a well literate person who publishes his work for others to read. This way, he also puts across his point or story, earns a living and gathers fame amongst his readers. Writers generally write on different genres, depending on who is good in each of them. Some write biographies, some write fictional novels, etc. Fictional novel writers are also of various kinds.

Some express the story of their life through other fictional characters while a few write mysterious novels. Generally, for each age group there is a work that is apt for reading. They generally write in one language that comforts them. In recent, the most famous writers have also gained fame after their story has been taken as a storyline for a movie with their consent, or a movie is specially made on their work. Writers have earned fame over the years and they have grown with the varying range of taste. A few classic writers wrote in the old English while today, we generally read the revised form of the language. Writers however find peace in their work and are open to a various range of ideas.