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Ahmed Aqeel Ruby, or Aqeel Rubi, was born on 6th October 1940, in Ludhiana, Punjab. He graduated and completed his Master’s in Urdu from Punjab University, after which he worked as an Urdu Professor at FC College, where he taught until 2000. His mentors include a list of famous Urdu writers, like Sajjad Baqar Rizvi, Dr Ibadat Bareilvi, and Syed Abdullah. He was close friends with Nasir Kazmi, a talented poet of short verse. Ahmed Aqeel Ruby was a member of the literary movement Halqa-e-Arbad-e-Zauq which means Circle of the Men of Good Taste.

As a writer, Aqeel Rubi wrote several novels, book reviews, films, and even songs for popular movies. Some of the works he is given credit for include the 1983 action film “Wadda Khan,” “Shararat” (2003), and “Kabhi Pyar Na Karna” (2008). Some notable books he wrote are ‘Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: A Living Legend’ (1992), ‘Ilm o Danish Kay Memaar’ (2011), and ‘Choti Duniya,’ to name a few. Ahmed Aqeel Rubi died on 23rd November 2013 in Lahore and is survived by his wife and daughter.


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