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Tamil Editor ( 12 - 24 )


Editing Is The Most Important Stage Of Movie-Making

Editing Is The Most Important Stage Of Movie-Making, Post-Production. Editors Are Tasked With Reviewing The Movie, As Filmed By The Director, And Making Changes To It To Cut It Out To Perfection.

They Collect All The Shots And Raw Footage Recorded For The Film And Assemble That Mess Into A Beautiful Complete Sequence. Before Editing, A Movie May Have Some Flaws Or “Loose Ends” In The Form Of Certain Scenes Which Do Not Contribute Much To The Storyline. These Unnecessary Scenes Are Deleted By The Editor. They Also Cut Out Some Insignificant Part Of Certain Important Scenes If The Scene Tends To Get Too Lengthy.

The Remaining Scenes Are Put In Order And Timed Precisely To Make Comfortable Transition From One Scene To Another. The Editor Works In Collaboration With The Director In Order To Achieve The Vision The Director Had In Mind While Making The Film. Editors Do Not Alter What A Scene Means To Communicate To The Audience. Rather, They Make The Communication More Impactful And Effective.