G Venkateswaran also popularly known as G.V. was an Indian film producer. He was the elder brother of the famous director, screenwriter Mani Ratnam Mani Ratnam is an Indian filmmaker deeply rooted t >> Read More... , and G.Srinivasan. He was a chartered accountant by profession. GV's father was a popular film financer and producer, Ratnam Iyer of the then Venus films. Thus he followed his father's footsteps and thus started producing films.

He also owned a production house named ' Sujata Sujata was a Hindi television drama that was aired >> Read More... .' In 80's he produced several hit films including 'Nayagan,' 'Dhalapathi,' 'Agninakshatram,' ' Mouna Ragam Mouna Ragam is a Tamil soap opera which is a dubbe >> Read More... ,' etc. After 1996 none of the movies under his productions worked and thus started his downfall. His loans were so bad that he had no money to run his office. GV committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan in his house in Chennai.

Anand Ponniraivan Tamil Actor

Anand Ponniraivan

Anand Ponniraivan, who was born in the year 1982 is from Manapparai, which is close to Trichy. He went on to do his MBBS from Madras Medical College which is located in Madras. From the beginning of his school days he was always interested in cinema yet he was unaware of how to get involved in the field. After his graduation in medicine he moved to UK for a couple of years. When he came back to India he even considered joining director Bala as his A.D. In this manner Anand always tried to come into the film industry. Having lived most of his bachelor days in Australia, he was in contact with the Tamil film industry through his involvement in the Tamil community which was in Australia. But it wasn’t till 2013 that he made use of the contacts this community had. It was in this manner he was introduced to Gaugin, the editor of the movie Kallappadam who was working on Mysskin at that point. As connections formed he was later introduced to J. Vadivel. The initial plan for his involvement was to find a producer such as Feather Touch Entertainment yet this collaboration did not work out. Through this failed attempt Anand Ponniraivan decided to produce Vadivel’s film himself. While he did not have sufficient funds at that time, he yet went on to getting involved in the movie as much as possible, including the casting. Through his continuous commute between Australia and India he roped in many of his friends such as Dr Karthik Senthil Raja as a co-producer and together they set up Iraivan Films. Anand Ponniraivan produced Kallappadam by trusting his instincts. He was of the opinion that Vadivel is a producer’s director and was always a delight to work with him and his team. Vadivel was respectful of Anand’s creative ideas and to this date, continues to be transparent even when it comes to making minor or major changes in the film. Through the troubles Anand faced through producing his first film Kallappadam, he learnt to properly take care of everything as far as possible and be a good orator and influencing factor amongst his team. Also he has learnt to be more cautious towards business prospects that come his way. He has also understood the value of having resourceful contacts and making use of these useful connections when it comes to their involvement in the future films he plans on producing.


A P Nagarajan

Akkamappettai Paramasivan Nagarajan born on 24 February 1928 as Kuppuswamy. His father Paramasiva Gounder named him after the Lord of anger. A sign of misfortune, his parents died in the early childhood stages. Nagarajan's grandmother Manicka Ammal, guardian of the child Kuppu sent him to a drama company after knowing his interest in the field of Filmography. Around the time, when India was a free country, Nagarajan joined another drama company named Avvai T. K. Shanmugam's, for further assistance and learned the basics of acting. At Avvai T.K, Kuppuswamy became Nagarajan due to his acting style and thought process. In the late 40s, Nagarajan earned fame due to his debut role in the play "Gumasthavin Penn" and proved his artistic skills as an actor and gained vast audience for his career as an actor, director and writer as well. In 1953 Nagarajan debuted Naalvar giving major roles to Kumari Thangam, N. N. Kannappa and Muthulakshmi in the film. It was a big hit and became a cult status in the tamil film industry. After acting in Mangalyam, Nalla,Thangal and Pennarasi,the Pazhani Kadiravan Nadaga Sabha, nagarajan's drama company came into existence. He became more focused on writing scripts rather than acting. After writing his debut film, Naalvar, Nagarajan focus shifted from acting to writing and made remarkable films with popular actors and famous director K.Somu. With his genre of mythological stories, he screenplay Karnan, the first of the mythology series that released in the 1960s. From “Rationalistic” dialogues to modern cinema cultures, Nagarajan was catching up in the early 50s to make a change towards modern cinema. Karnan became a trendsetter and broke many records with its re-release to become the first Tamil classic which re-released in more than 70 centres across Tamil Nadu, captured 10 screens in Chennai City and celebrated its way up to 30 days in more than 30 centres across chennai and Madurai. Ipl and exams were also unable to stop the viewers to see Nagarajan's work in Karnan. His legendary work in Tamil film industry was Thillana Mohanambal, released on 27 July 1968 was critically acclaimed by many famous personalities for swiftly customizing the socio-cultural environment and showing the Thanjavur cultural dance and music which was trending at that period. It became a commercial success, to run for over 100 days in theaters. The film became a hit and big success at the box office and broke records of decades. In 1968, Nagarajan earned many awards including Best cinematographer and won two national awards with five state awards as well. He started a trend of mythological movies in the industry and became inspirations for many new writers and directors due to his whole new different style of representation in the wide Tamil industry. A.P Nagarajan brought mythology back to the screens with his own stories and different cinematography patterns. He brought a change in thoughts of the people and varied the mindset of the generation with time. The director died in 1977 at Madras and won million hearts with his remarkable work and legendary personality.

A P Nagarajan Tamil Actor