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Malavika Mohanan was born in Payyannur, located in Kannur District. Her father is K.U.Mohanan. Her father is a Cinematographer. Though she was born in Kannur, during her childhood she moved to Mumbai with her parents and started her life there. In 2013, she began her Cinematic career with a debut for the play Pattam Pole. The role she plays is a village girl named Riya who was brought up at Alappuzha which is a village as well as a modern town. The script writer of the movie was Girish Kumar.

The Cinematographer and director of the talkie are the well known as Alagappan. Pattam Pole was his debuted celluloid that he directed. There are also several another artists who played their roles in this videotape which includes Lalu Alex Lalu Alex is a famous actor in Malayalam cinema in >> Read More... , Archana Kavi Archana Kavi’s real name is Archana Jose Kaviyil. >> Read More... , Jaya Prakash Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Anoop Menon Anoop Menon is an Indian film actor, script writer >> Read More... . Her next notable talkie is Nirnayakam. This film revolves around the story of a familiar man who struggles with the life while the people who are in power for the welfare and not care about the typical people.

For this film Nirnayakam, she was cast with Asif Ali as his girl friend. She received several awards for her performance in the movie which includes Special Jury award from Jaycey Awards for her Outstanding Performance. Apart from movies she also performed in several Television Advertisements which include Mathrubhumi Yathra and in Hero Honda featured as in Hindi. In 2013 she started her career but the movie Pattam Pole with the romantic drama in Malayalam where she joins hands with Dulquar Salman.

The cinematography received negative criticism from the writers of several critics. The next movie is Nirnayakam in 2015 director by VK Prakash written by Bobby Sanjay. The film releases on June 5th, 2015. This flick received the Best Movie Award for social issues from National Film awards and the actor obtained the Best Character Award from the Kerala state film awards. In 2016, her next movie is Naanu Mattu Varalakshmi Click to look into! >> Read More... which is an Action film of Kannada Motocross.

The cinematography directed by Preetham Gubbi Preetham Gubbi is and Indian director and scriptwr >> Read More... and the producer of the photoplay is Jayanna Bhogendra. Malavika played the role of Varalakshmi. In 2017, she starred in her next play named The Great Father Click to look into! >> Read More... which is a Malayalam mystery thriller produce by Prithviraj, Sathish Sivan, and Arya. The photo shoot was directed by Haneef Adeni Haneef Adneni was born on 30th June in the year 19 >> Read More... . The feature includes several lead roles like Mammootty, Sneha, Shyam, and Arya. On the release date, the movie shows on almost 202 screens of the first day of Kerala.


Born: 3 March 1944

Age Now 80

P. Jayachandran - (Singer)

Born: 3 March 1988

Age Now 36

Vinay Govind - (Director)

Born: 3 March 1926

Lived For 85 Years

Ravi - (Music Director)

Born: 3 March 1988

Age Now 36

Ijaaz Ebrahim - (Movie Actor)

Born: 3 March 1950

Age Now 74

KP Mohanan - (Politician)

Born: 3 March 1959

Age Now 65

Kavalam Sreekumar - (Singer)

Born: 3 March 1990

Age Now 34

Beena Jeo - (Actress)

Born: 3 March 1981

Age Now 43

Sudheesh Scaria - (Actor)