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Najeem is known for Apoorvaragam (2010), The Matchbox (2012), and Friday (2012). ‘ Kali Click to look into! >> Read More... Kali ’ is a Malayalam picture led by Najeem Koya and shaped by August Cinemas. The significant star cast of the film includes Johnny-come-latelies Aishwarya Suresh & Vidya Vijay.

The story ‘Kali’ is of scandalous nature, and not a lot of directors are ready to take it up. When he recited it to Harikumar in 2013, he voiced his curiosity in directing it and asked Najeem to create the screenplay asap. But as Najeem was occupied with few other developments, he requested for some time.

Six months later, Najeem got to see that Santhosh Echikkanam Santhosh Echikkanam is a contemporary writer who w >> Read More... Santhosh Echikkanam was creating a play for Harikumar. He instantly contacted Echikkanam. The colleague told Najeem that he was lettering the same piece and that Harikumar had conveyed him that it was his specific story.

The writer rang up Harikumar and his reaction was 'You should’ve taken it onward that day.' The sickened Najeem communicated Film Employees' Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) consultants next, who rang up both individuals and listened to their reports.

Harikumar denied responding to their calls at first. As a final point, Echikkanam himself illuminated that the script he was penning an exact story identical to Najeem’s, and the FEFKA consultants enquired Echikkanam to suspend the writing until a verdict takes place.

Only at that moment did Harikumar react to FEFKA's writ. FEFKA officer Sibi Malayil approves this adaptation. He said that legitimacy is with Najeem Koya. They have discovered that the scoop is Najeem's and then commanded Harikumar to hint a record with an apology giving the acclaims to the scriptwriter.

He also supplements that Koya has been urged to file a case and that the papers are presented when mandatory. Najeem intends to file a police report for article theft momentarily and, the procedures are on, he says.

Harikumar is now stating that he was made to sign the document. The question is why didn't he abide by his statement during validation? However, industry witnesses say that the matter raises a relevant query. When a film that is not publicized gets accepted for the awards to the agency, how will the adjudicators determine whether it is a unique work or not? No way as of now demonstrates the repeated examples.

Harikumar remained unapproachable for clarifications. Let, hope that the controversy is solved and we can enjoy a delightful and worthy piece of work.