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He was born on 5 May 1985. Kaviyoor Triuvalla is the hometown of Sidhartha Siva. Kaviyoor Triuvalla is a place of Kerala. His father name is Kaviyoor Sivaprasad He is one of the national award-winning Malayalam >> Read More... . His father is an internationally acclaimed filmmaker. He had completed his graduation from Marthoma College. He is a Film Actor, Scenarist, and director, also. His Notable work is 101 Chodyangal. He met first with her wife Ann at his college. He felt in love with her and married later. His wife name is Ann Mary Abraham. He got married to her in 2012. His marriage place was Chakkulathukavu Devi. He is a National Award Winning for Malayalam film. He is a cancer survivor. By directing telefilms and short films, he started his career.

After that, he appeared in Malayalam films like Bodyguard, Theerangal, Calendar, Radio Jockey, Artist, On The Way Click to look into! >> Read More... , Sagar Elias, etc. At the 60th National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... , he won the first National Award. For Best First Film of a Director, he also won the Indira Gandhi Award for his film 101 Chodyangal. At Noida, the film 101 Chodyangal won the award for Best Feature Film Award. His film Ain also won the Best Feature Film Award in Malayalam. In 2014, Ain also won the Award for Best Story. He has known for Ellam Chettante Ishtam Pole. Filmography of Sidhartha Siva He played a role as Director in 101 Chodyangal films. He used the Malayalam language. He is also a writer of this movie. He won National Film Award for best Director of the 101 Chodyangal. In 2013,

He played a role as a Director, Producer and also Writer in Zahir. The movie selected as 19th Busan International Film Festival. In 2014, Ain movie was also directed by him. He is also a writer as well as producer of Ain. He won National Film Award for best Feature film in Malayalam for Ain.

Another Version of this Bio...

Sidhartha Siva is a multi-talented personality. Born on May 5, 1985, he is an eminent actor as well as a director of the Malayalam film industry. He hails from a small village, Kaviyoor in Kerala (India). His father, Kaviyoor Sivaprasad, is also an acclaimed director and writer. His father is famous in Malayalam industry for directing movies like Vembanad, Sthalam and, Ee Snehatheerathu. Sidhartha is following the foot-steps of his father. He completed his graduation in from Marthoma College in Thiruvalla, Kerala. He held a degree in English Literature.

He began his career by directing several short films and TV movies. He directed his first film Oru Kochu Dukham while he was in the seventh standard. A few months later, YMCA offered to produce his short film, Aalkoottathil Thaniye. He became famous when Asianet telecasted his short film, Maria. He then went ahead to star in many Malayalam films as an actor. He played small roles in many movies including Thirakkadha, Ivar Vivahitharayal, and Bodyguard.

At the age of 20, it was confirmed that he had cancer. He was admitted to a hospital in Kerala and received treatment for this disease. After undergoing cancer treatment for two long years, he won his battle against cancer. Sidhartha comes across as a determined person and never surrendered to this fatal disease. In a way, he inspired a large mass of cancer patients around the globe. After successfully treating cancer, he went ahead to make another short film, Amour Code, which aired on ETV. After acting in a few movies, he realized that he is better off as a director. Sidhartha then started rejecting all the film offers as he wanted to be a successful film director.

Sidhartha then directed 101 Chodyangal (2012) which revolves around the story of a fifth standard student and his assignment to make up 101 questions. This Malayalam film garnered an excellent response from the viewers and managed to bag numerous awards. Sidhartha himself won his first National Award for this movie at the 60th National Film Awards in the year 2013. Sidhartha also received the Mohan Raghavan Award for Best Director in the year 2013. Zahir, another movie directed by Siva, was shown at 19th Busan International Film Festival. Siva directed another film, Ain (2015) which won several awards including The Best Feature Film Award.

Siva got married to the daughter of his college principal, Ann Mary Abraham, on 31 May, 2012. Siva also directed a short film on cancer patients. Siva is one of most sought directors of the Malayalam industry.


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