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Ouseppachan is well-known music composer in the Indian film industry, who is mainly seen to be doing background scores as well as the music for Malayalam films as well as for few of the Hindi films. Mechery Louis Oseppachan was born on 13th September 1955, in Thrissur. Ouseppachan had been interested in music and had a flair for it from his early days itself. The inborn talent in him came out as melodious songs played on his violin. This great musician started his journey with this simple string instrument. He had joined certain troops and bands after his formal education was over. He was seen to play the violin in the troop “Voice of Thrissur”, which is popular music troop of the time. Ouseppachan’s violinist skills were greater than ever. From doing music for troops, he moved on to join the orchestra group that does the background scores for various Malayalam films. By this point in time,

Ouseppachan was an impeccable violinist who was in great demands by all. Now he was seen to take a giant leap and take up the role of a music composer for one of the films. His debut film was “Kathodu Kathoram”, a film directed by Bharathan in the year 1985. The music that he did for the film was well appreciated by all. He has then gone one to do the background scores as well as music for many major films. He has also done the background scores and music for certain non-commercial Hindi films, such as “Freaky Chakra”, directed by V. K. Prakash. And for the melodious gift that he possesses, he has been awarded; he has been awarded many awards. He has received three State awards for the Best Music Director category as well for Best Background score. He has also received a National Award for the Best Music Director (he was given this award for the film “Ore Kadal”).


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