Malayalam Composer ( 0 - 12 )

Sreehari K Nair

Kottakkal Madhu


Composer Plays With Music

The composer is one who prepared the musical pieces which is incorporated in the film. They know how to show their creativity through the notes and melodies and create something which further used by singers for different multimedia productions. They create the prime music of the song, concertos, and musical accompaniments. They know many of the harmonies by heart. They may know to play a solo instrument or can play many of them together. They may specialize in different styles like jazz, rock, classical, etc.

Sometimes they even work with lyricist or playwrights to create musical productions. While some of them also teach their art to others in few educational institution in their spare time. However, while working, they set off their work hours themselves collaborating with the movie schedule. Sometimes they create pieces they perform themselves which allows them to control the execution of the piece as they see fit.