Manvitha Kamath Kannada Actress
  • DOB : 13-04
Other Skills
Manvitha Harish is a radio- jockey turned actress in Sandalwood. She made her debut in the film ‘Kendasampige' opposite Vicky (Santhosh). Her real name was Shwetha before she got her break in films. She too had changed her name with this film like her co-actor Vicky. Though, she had no godfather in the film industry, it could be just her destiny which pulled her to the film world. However, she attributes her entry into the film world due to her popularity she gained as a radio jockey. She took her personal level of contact to the film industry as a radio jockey star . She was recommended to the film cast of ‘Kendasampige’ by one of her colleagues. She took the audition and got selected in the film. Actually, director Soori was on a lookout for a girl, who would fit the character. 

She was a girl, who knew every place in Karnataka thoroughly, and was well-versed with the language of the region. She also could drive car, which was an integral part of the movie and she had a modern girl image, who would fit into the character of a rich girl, which she had to portray in the film. This was her advantage as she also could speak Kannada language of every district with different tones. All these qualities were the plus point to get the offer. She recalls that she has never undergone any training in acting, but she was a movie buff. She used to stand before the mirror and perform some scenes of any movie that she had watched always. This kind of formal self-training had made her a spontaneous artiste to perform the audition properly and she had got selected. She explains that her work in the film 'Kendasampige’, had given her scope to learn the basics of working before the camera in a professional manner. She considers actress Radhika Pandit Radhika Pandit another example of a home grown act >> Read More... Radhika Pandit as her real inspiration. She looks forward to various kinds of roles in the future and would be very keen to even act, in other languages too. Her flamboyant and ultra-modern look already have captivated the audiences and she is happy that she was given a chance to act in this new film. As a new comer, she only hopes to score in films hereafter. Let us see what she can do in film world hereafter.